• jcldd
    #wire #terminal #pins

    A connector terminal serves as a crucial component in electrical and electronic systems, providing a reliable and secure connection between wires, cables, or devices. It is designed to establish an electrical pathway for signals,...  more
  • lg-lifting
    3 Inch Wire Hook Ratchet Strap-China LG Manufacture #wire #ratchet #straps Used mostly for flatbed trailers and trailer interiors and moving trucks, and many other types of trucks and trailers. ...  more
    Heavy-Duty PVC-Coated Washing Line - 20M Length
    https://www.eishohomeware.com/products/heavy-duty-pvc-coated-washing-line-20m-length/ />
    #plastic #clothesline #wire

    Promotion: Special 30% Wholesale Discount
    Materials: PVC & Steel Wire
    Size: Length:...  more
  • cstitanium
    Medical Titanium Wire
    https://www.cstitanium.com/products/medical-titanium-wire.html /> #medical #titanium #wire
    Pure titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, titanium eyeglass wire (TB5 titanium wire), pressure vessel titanium welding wire, titanium straight...  more
  • intradin
    Grounding Reels
    https://www.intradin.com/products/fluid-handling-equipment/reels/grounding-reels />
    #retractable #grounding #wire #reel
    15M, 23M

    Clamp Options
    Piercing and Alligator

    Compact design

    Slow...  more
  • Fathomprecision
    https://www.fathomprecision.com/cnc-edm-service/ />
    #cnc #wire #cut
    Electrical discharge machining, sometimes referred to as spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, wire burning, or wire erosion, is a metal production technique that uses...  more
  • https://www.honreycable.com/products/concentric-cable/ /> #electric #wire #for #sale

    Concentric cable is a kind of cable to prevent energy loss. It is divided into copper core cable and aluminum core cable. The voltage is 0.6/1KV.HONREY CABLE can provide...  more
  • https://www.honreycable.com/products/aluminum-clad-steel-wire-acs/ /> #wire #and #cable #distributors

    Aluminum clad steel wire, also known as acs conductor, can be used for ground wire and conductor of overhead power line, and also can be used for...  more
    Bead Wire, is a kind of steel wire plated with bronze, copper or brass as reinforcement of bead on Tyres. The Bead ring woven by the bead wire and the insulating rubber makes the outer tire tightly and firmly fixed on the tire rim, and bears the forces...  more
  • Wire Cutting Mold Parts
    https://www.fangling-precisionmold.com/products/wire-cutting-mold-parts/ />
    #wire #cutting #parts

    We are an unparalleled name in offering a wide gamut of Wire EDM Machine Spare Parts. These spare parts are amongst the most...  more
  • panda elevator
    Elevator Steel Wire Rope #elevator #steel #wire #rope Panda Elevator provides high-quality elevator steel wire ropes, overspeed governor wire ropes for new elevator installations, elevator modernization, and after sales service. ...  more
  • apscreens com
    Anpeng Woven Wire Mesh
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/woven-wire-mesh/ /> #custom #woven #wire #mesh
    As a professional woven mesh supplier, Anpeng wire screens should be your first choice for wear-resistant screen cloths manufactured from superior...  more
  • apscreens com
    Anpeng Self Cleaning Screen Mesh
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/self-cleaning-screen/ /> #self #cleaning #wire #mesh
    Anpeng Self Cleaning Wire Mesh series is designed for though to screen applications where blinding, pegging and clogging are a crucial...  more
  • apscreens com
    Anpeng Anti-clogging Screen
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/anti-clogging-screen/ /> #heavy #duty #wire #screen #mesh
    Independent wires are bind together horizontally with wire wefts woven in between.This type of flexible connection allows the wires to...  more
  • Two Wire

    #isolated #two #wire #transmitter

    Mornsun two-wire isolation amplifiers are voltage input and two-wire current output loop power collection signal conditioning modules. The module powering the front-end equipment through the back-stage...  more
  • Znergy Cable
    A TEC Cable has the traditional properties of a standard #wire or #cable - having a shape or copper conductor surrounded by an insulating material or sheath. The difference lies in the standard wire or hose layer that surrounds the product with armoured...  more
  • Znergy Cable
    Flexible #PowerCable is a kind of #Electric #Cable, which can be fold or rolled easily without any break down or damage. Basically these #Cables are meant for joining any two terminals of #wire. Flexible wires are mostly used on curved surface or any...  more
  • Znergy Cable
    #SolarCable is basically a #wire or #cable, which is used in solar panels for bearing the high temperature of the sun during energy buildup. Normal electric cable and wire does not bear the high voltage and current, it required a high capacity...  more
  • Znergy Cable
    Wires and cables are necessary practically everywhere for electrification, whether in homes, workplaces, or factories. People must realise the significance of high-quality #wire and #cable since inferior products can pose a variety of risks and dangers,...  more
  • Znergy Cable
    When unsure about which is proper, do you interchange the terms #cable and #wire rope? There are many terms used to describe wire goods in the manufacturing industry, and while it may be difficult to keep track of them at first, understanding how cables...  more
  • apscreens com
    Wave Opening Self-cleaning Screen
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/wave-opening-screen/ /> #vibrating #wire #mesh #screen
    Like all the other self-cleaning series, wave opening screen prevents clogging, blinding and pegging. It provides maximum throughput...  more
  • apscreens com
    Triangle Opening Self-cleaning Screen
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/triangle-opening-screen/ /> #triangle #mesh #wire #fabric
    Triangle opening screen, is like the diamond opening screen, with an extra straight wire in between every crimped wire which...  more
  • PHXFIBER com
    Cable Management
    The rack facilitates cable access and provides sufficient open space for cable management. It is an ideal solution for high-density wiring network patch panels, usually used in server rooms and data center racks.

    Cable management...  more
  • Hqfactory
    HQ is a leading titanium material producer and supplier in the local market. Please feel free to contact us for more details and a quick quotation.

    Jewellery, support rods, pacemakers and are widely...  more
  • hontcabletie com
    Material of push in cable connectors: PC, UL 94, V-2 and PA66.

    Rated Voltage of push in connector block: 450V.

    Voltage Resistance of push in style wire connectors: 4kV.

    Ambient Temperature of push in terminal connector: -40℃~+105℃.

    Application of...  more
  • hontcabletie com
    Material of a wire nut: PVC, threaded, heat-resistant, and insulated.

    Rated voltage of cable nuts: 450V.

    Rated current of insulated wire nuts: 24A.

    Voltage resistance of electrical wire nut connectors: 4kV.

    Ambient temperature of plastic wire nuts:...  more
  • hontcabletie com
    PE, Working Temperature:- 40ºC to 65ºC, short time is 80ºC.

    PP, Working Temperature:- 30ºC to 90ºC, short time is 110ºC.

    PA,Working Temperature:- 35ºC to 120ºC, short time is 140ºC.

    Brass, Iron screw.

    Voltage: 250 - 450V

    Color:Natural,...  more
  • wiremachinecn wiremachinecn
    Metal Tech manufacture and supply high-quality razor wire making machine can produce all kinds of razor wire products, pls refer the razor wire model below:
    #razor #wire #machine #price https://www.wiremachinecn.com/products/razor-barbed-wire-machine/
  • lg brush
    Diamond Cup Brush

    #diamond #stainless #steel #wire #cup #brush

    Diamond Cup Brush
    Diamond cup brush is a very special type of cup brush, suitable for relatively fine grinding, with a soft cutting ability, can deal with small burrs on the surface of the...  more
  • lg brush
    Steel Wire Wheel Brush

    #wire #brush #wheel #drill

    Types of Steel Wire Wheel Brushes
    Wire wheel brush is a kind of brush with wheel shape, which is widely used in industry. It can be installed on electric drill, machine tool and other equipment. With...  more
  • lg brush
    Twist Wire Wheel Brush

    #twisted #knot #wire #brush #wheel

    Twist Wire Wheel Brush
    The fiber of this kind of wheel brush is consist of a bunch of carbon steel wire and twist them together, which has a strong cutting force, destructive power. The wheel...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS-05035 0.50mm Diameter 35mm Length Hooked End Steel Fiber #mm #steel #wire This kind of steel fiber has the best comprehensive effect, and the best combination of high strength, high flexural strength (more than 10 times continuously) and the...  more
  • The cable tie holders (also called nylon cable tie mounts) are made of high-quality nylon material, which is lightweight and anti-aging. The color of the nylon cable tie mounts can be black or white. The zip tie cable mounts can be easily concealed for a...  more
  • kisinhomuvcoating
    Steel Wire Brush Machine
    https://www.kisinhom-uvcoating.com/products/steel-wire-brush-machine.html />
    #floor #wire #brush #machine

    This machine is mainly used to make the texture of the deepening board, and make the texture clearer and more natural...  more
  • tjkmachinery group
    Wire Mesh Cutting Machine MC6000D has double sided usable cutting blades made of high-quality tool steel; Simple operation by means of manual switch

    Features of Wire Mesh Cutting Machine MC6000D

    Wire mesh cutting machine MC6000D is workable with 6000mm...  more
  • tjkmachinery group
    Stable and reliable flying-shear shear ensures high production,all have passed continuous three hundred thousand times test which is high frequency and high working conditions.

    Features of Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine GT8-12
    Stable and...  more
  • tjkmachinery group
    Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine GT3-7(automatic wire cutter machine) fast in straightening and cutting: Our product could reach a highest straightening and cutting speed of 100m min, 3-4 times that of domestic similar products.

    Features of Wire...  more
  • tjkmachinery group
    GT series of CNC automatic wire straightening and cutting machine line is designed based on advanced experience abroad, raw material is cold rolled ribbed steel, can also be used for non-ferrous metal wire rods, it's high straightening efficiency, high...  more
  • tjkmachinery group
    The use of CNC automatic production equipment to complete the high-speed welding of steel mesh, mesh automatically placed neatly, automatic transmission.

    ① Wire Mesh Welding Machine has advanced technology is introduced from Europe, lots of parts have...  more
  • Danping Li
    The CZWB series is an intelligent temperature transmitter designed specifically for industrial complexity. This product is mainly installed in the head of the temperature sensor, the sensor is upgraded to an integrated temperature transmitter, to achieve...  more
  • yu racking
    Pallet Racking Wire Decking is widely used worldwide, especially in North and South America market, including upright frame, beam, wire decking. Can put pallet or cargos on the wire decking directly.

    Pallet Racking Wire Decking, wire mesh with...  more
  • kc Cailong
    Torsion Spring
    KC Hardware uses CNC numerical control spring equipment to produce torsion springs of various shapes. The angle of the torsion spring is controlled by the probe of the equipment. Generally, the angle tolerance of the spring can be...  more
  • Wei Liu
    The nose strip of the face mask plays a supporting role on the nose bridge and prevents dust from entering. #nose #bridge #wire vhttps://www.fysensi.com/products/double-wires-nose-wire/
  • Wei Liu
    The nose strip of the face mask plays a supporting role on the nose bridge and prevents dust from entering.
    The Overview of Aluminium Nose Wire
    The aluminium nose wire of the face mask supports the bridge of the nose and prevents dust from entering,...  more
  • dmncedm dmncedm
    CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine

    #cnc #edm #wire #cut #machine

    Types of CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine
    High Precision CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine C Structure
    General Purpose CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine F Structure
  • earthrodchina
    CCS Round Wire #copper #clad #welding #wire 0.8 Series CCS Round Wire
    Origin of new material development
    0.8mm series copper-clad round wire is a new type of material developed by our Company to replace pure copper. Because it has the advantages of...  more
  • Sino Textile Machinery
    Wire heald is a key component of the Jacquard harness assembly. This is the component that interfaces with the yarn, and hence all functional aspects of these elements are strictly controlled. Each individual heddle needs to be optimized and...  more
  • Fybros Kundancab
    Kundan cab is known to be amongst the prominent manufacturer of this highly commendable range of wires and cables. Manufacturing of this range is done using the supreme quality materials and modern machines as per the standards set by the industry....  more
  • Fybros Kundancab
    Our Heat Guard hrfr wire has a variety of styles and configurations, which can be used in situations that require PVC insulation. We are proud to be the first wire and cable company in India with such a diverse and broad product line. We are one of the...  more
  • Advantages Of Cafe Cored Wire

    1. Avoid formulating the long strip of sulfide inclusion, improve the anisotropy of steel.

    2. Being fastly feed into the molten steel by wire feeding machine, melt in the depth of molten steel, relieve the nozzle clogging,...  more