• breezyfiber
    Nonwoven Paper
    https://www.breezyfiber.com/products/nonwoven-paper/ />
    #non #woven #fabric #paper
    Breezy Fiber's non woven fabric paper, made of pure natural cellulose and synthetic fiber, is eco-friendly for wallpaper base and interior wall liner...  more
    Large Round PP Handmade Woven Basket、
    https://www.eishohomeware.com/products/large-pp-handmade-woven-basket-round/ /> #large #round #woven #basket

    Large Round PP Handmade Woven Basket
    Material: PP + Iron Wire Frame
    Packing:1...  more
  • honyemb honyemb

    Meltblown nonwoven materials are developed through different technologies to increase the melt flow rate, reduce the abrasion of the spinneret during processing, and shorten the production process. Customization in...  more
  • yp promotion
    Custom Promotional Hard Enamel Pin Badges
    https://www.yppromotion.com/products/hard-enamel-pin/ /> #woven #lanyards

    Promotional hard enamel pin badges are preferred by those who want a more durable pin, but can be more expensive and generally has more...  more
  • apscreens com
    Anpeng Woven Wire Mesh
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/woven-wire-mesh/ /> #custom #woven #wire #mesh
    As a professional woven mesh supplier, Anpeng wire screens should be your first choice for wear-resistant screen cloths manufactured from superior...  more
  • Run FengYuan
    Non-Woven Warp Knitting Machine strengthens the fastness and toughness of the fabrics. After processing, the fibre mesh structure will become compact and no longer loose, and the fastness and willfulness will also be improved. The products are widely...  more
  • apscreens com
    Anpeng Square Mesh
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/square-mesh/ /> #square #woven #mesh
    Anpeng has many years of experience in producing conventional Square opening screens. Our high-performance woven wire mesh guarantee: accurate openings and wire...  more
  • canuxi nbi
    Industrial Nonwoven Fabric PP
    With many years of experience in the non-woven industry, relying on continuous technological innovation, we have been committed to providing high quality non-woven fabrics for relevant industries and users. Our industrial...  more
  • Morn Packaging Co.,ltd
    https://www.wovenpp.com/packaging/pp-woven-fabric/ /> As one of the leading PP woven fabric manufacturer in China, Mornpackaging is offering different levels of woven fabric both in rolls and sheets. PP woven fabric which is short of...  more
  • Morn Packaging Co.,ltd
    https://www.wovenpp.com/packaging/pp-woven-bags/ /> #pp #woven #bags #china
    PP (polypropylene) woven bags are widely used as basic packaging materials in agriculture and industry. Follow us, a leading pp woven bags manufacturer from China, to...  more
  • shijie health
    3 Ply Face Mask

    #3 #ply #non #woven #face #mask

    Shiji is professional 3 ply face mask manufacturer in China. 3 ply surgical face mask is composed of skin-friendly non-woven fabric in the inner layer and waterproof non-woven fabric in the outer...  more
  • Wei Liu
    The main materials of ES non-woven fabric are PP+PE and PET+PE, customers choose different materials according to the product's application.
    #non #woven #polyethylene #fabric https://www.fysensi.com/products/es-non-woven-fabric/
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