About UniqueThis

A social network media company for unique people and their unique things. Put your unique life on one profile and follow unique things from unique people around the world. UniqueThis provides advanced social networking features, online entertainment, and services that improve the quality of life for people and businesses around the world. Create a free personal or business profile and interact with people and businesses around the world that share your unique interests and passions.


UniqueThis is a privately held corporation. We are transparent with how we make money. Here are ways that UniqueThis generates income: 

     1. Subscriptions through our social network services: 

-UniqueThis Blog Publishing

-UniqueThis Ads Platform 

-UniqueThis Marketplace 

-UniqueThis Institute  

-UniqueThis Cloud Storage 

-UniqueThis Entertainment

-Our social network users upgrade to:

UniqueThis Unlimited for $39.99.

UniqueThis Plus at $9.99.

UniqueThis for Business at $999.99.

2. Advertisements throughout our website, android app, and iphone app.

3. Online store sales of various products. Some of our members sell their products through the UniqueThis marketplace. UniqueThis gets monthly subscription fees from its merchants and revenue from direct product sales.

4. UniqueThis owns stocks in other companies and real estate investment trusts that pay UniqueThis monthly or quarterly dividends. A portion of UniqueThis worth is based on its ownership in stocks in other companies and real estate. 

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