• breezyfiber
    Nonwoven Paper
    https://www.breezyfiber.com/products/nonwoven-paper/ />
    #non #woven #fabric #paper
    Breezy Fiber's non woven fabric paper, made of pure natural cellulose and synthetic fiber, is eco-friendly for wallpaper base and interior wall liner...  more
  • honyemb honyemb

    Meltblown nonwoven materials are developed through different technologies to increase the melt flow rate, reduce the abrasion of the spinneret during processing, and shorten the production process. Customization in...  more
  • JCMedia
    https://www.jcinkjet.com/products/carpet-and-flooring/ /> #banner #fabric #material
    Our carpet fabric adopts thermal sublimation transfer printing technology to print images, with fine patterns, bright colors, rich and clear layers, high artistry,...  more
  • bluectex bluectex
    https://www.bluectex.com/products/synthetic-leather/ />
    #faux #leather #fabric #wholesale
    Synthetic leather fabric, also called artificial leather fabric, is a material intended to substitute for leather in upholstery, Cars, clothing,...  more
  • bluectex bluectex
    https://www.bluectex.com/products/velvet-curtain-fabric.html />
    #velvet #curtain #fabric #suppliers
    Blutec velvet curtain fabric brings you a soft touch. velvet curtain fabric's drooping feeling is better, and it will not drop its...  more
  • Starch
    https://www.bolianfiltration.com/filter-fabric-used-in-starch-industry.html /> #filter #fabric #price
    In the United States, vertical filter presses are commonly used for the filtration of starch with a particle size of 5-10μm. However, the...  more
  • Nickel
    https://www.bolianfiltration.com/filter-fabric-used-in-nickel-mine.html /> #filter #fabric
    Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, located in Jinchang, Gansu Province. It is a large mining, mainly producing nickel,...  more
    Chafer Fabrics are the special industrial fabrics mainly made of Nylon 6, Nylon 66 and Polyester yarns. Chafer fabric has quite high breaking strength and good adhesion. Yusheng produces a variety of chafer fabrics, Standard products mainly made of Nylon...  more
  • HUANAN chains
    https://www.chainshk.com/products/textile-snow-chains/ />
    #fabric #snow #chains

    SURECHAIN's textile snow chains are lightweight products. All of their material or part of their material are textile. Our SURECHAIN brand strap snow...  more
  • bluectex bluectex
    https://www.bluectex.com/products/sheer-net-curtain-fabric/ /> #sheer #curtain #fabric

    Window screen, with chemical fiber as raw material, a very thin cloth. Generally with curtain cloth matching. A layer of cloth, a layer of...  more
  • bluectex bluectex
    https://www.bluectex.com/products/printed-velvet-fabric/ /> #printed #velvet #fabric

    The velvet material is made of upright yarn strands or loops that are evenly cut and distributed for a smooth, dense surface and plain underside....  more
  • bluectex bluectex
    https://www.bluectex.com/products/printed-curtain-fabric/ /> #printed #curtain #fabric

    Printing cloth is printed with color and pattern on plain blank cloth by transferring or circular mesh. Printed cloth is characterized by bright...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Non-stick Heat Pressing Sheet
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-non-stick-heat-pressing-sheet/ /> #heat #resistant #silicone #fabric

    Firstly, it can resist high temperature and flame retardant. The temperature resistance range of PTFE imported...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Non-stick Grill Mat
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-non-stick-grill-mat/ /> #silicone #fabric #for #sale

    Aokai PTFE non stick grill mat has excellent anti adhesion, smooth surface and is not easy to adhere to any substance. It is easy to...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-mesh-conveyor-belt/ /> #silicone #coated #fabric

    PTFE mesh conveyor belt is made of PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh which offers excellent release property, chemical resistant, high tensile...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Film Adhesive tape
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-film-adhesive-tape/ />
    #ptfe #fabric #price

    PTFE film tape has a non-stick and abrasion resistant surface which makes it great as quick-release barrier between surfaces where pressure,...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Fiberglass Adhesive Tape
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-fiberglass-adhesive-tape/ /> #ptfe #coated #fabric

    Aokai PTFE fiberglass adhesive tape is made of PTFE fiberglass cloth as the base material and then coated with silicone...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Conveyor Belt
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-conveyor-belt/ />
    #ptfe #fabric #suppliers

    Using high-quality strength glass fiber and aramid fiber as the base material to weave into high-strength high-temperature mesh and high-temperature...  more
  • Aarav
    Choose the best #fabric #fragrance from AARAV that performs well to protect the fabric for a longer duration. The right fragrance in your home can amaze you in your life and convey an impression of cleanliness, softness, and freshness.
    ...  more
  • apscreens com
    Triangle Opening Self-cleaning Screen
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/triangle-opening-screen/ /> #triangle #mesh #wire #fabric
    Triangle opening screen, is like the diamond opening screen, with an extra straight wire in between every crimped wire which...  more
  • sungodtech sungodtech
    Windproof : MK Series Windproof Membrane
    https://www.sungodtech.com/product/windproof-mk-series-membrane.html /> #Functional #Fabric

    Windproof : MK Series Windproof Membrane

    Key Properties of MK Series Windproof Membrane
    - Windproof
    - Warm keeping
    -...  more
  • canuxi nbi
    KN95/99 Meltblown Filter Fabric
    Generally, a general medical surgical mask needs to use 1 layer of meltblown cloth, and 1 N95 mask needs at least 3 layers of N95 filter fabric.

    KN95/99 Meltblown Nonwoven for 3ply Surgical Face Mask...  more
  • canuxi nbi
    KF80/94 PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
    The KF standard is the Korean mainstream mask standard issued by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (MFDS). The KF polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric series can be divided into KF80 (filtration...  more
  • canuxi nbi
    Industrial Needle Punched PET Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric
    Industrial PET spunbond non-woven fabric has excellent physical and mechanical properties in a wide temperature range. The long-term use temperature can reach 120°C. The electrical insulation of...  more
  • canuxi nbi
    Hygiene PP spunbond non-woven fabric is non-toxic, tasteless, opalescent, and high crystal polymer. It is currently one of the lightest varieties of all plastics. Our PP nonwoven spunbond fabric for hygienic uses has excellent mechanical properties. It...  more
  • deli catedecor
    Handmade, adorable natural look classic ribbon was made of premium material, light and very nice to touch, graceful drape would never forgettable.

    Linen ribbon tape has the functions of temperature regulation, anti-allergic, anti-static and...  more
  • Burke Decor
    Fabric Wallpaper
    The fabric is the basic building block for high-end fashion, stylish home accents, and luxury interiors. Burke Decor’s faux #fabric #wallpapers allow you to fill your space with timeless style, soft texture, and a unique visual effect...  more
  • Burke Decor
    Fabric Wallpaper
    The fabric is the basic building block for high-end fashion, stylish home accents, and luxury interiors. Burke Decor’s faux #fabric #wallpapers allow you to fill your space with timeless style, soft texture, and a unique visual effect...  more
    Faux Fabric Wallpaper
  • Gulmohar Lane
    Explore all types of #fabric #sofa online and select the best furniture for your home. Choose from our exclusive collections like Bombay Rattan sofa Online, Norway sofa, etc.
    Visit https://www.gulmoharlane.com/categories/all-fabric-sofas
  • Diffusox Textile Air Duct Diffuser
    #fabric #air #dispersion #system
    DiffuSox air hvac duct diffuser is made of metal frame and highly permeable fabric, the air dispersion surface attach to the metal frame via Velcro, connecting to metal inlet via...  more
  • How to Select Nanosox System
    #fabric #duct #manufacturers
    Nanosox air dispersion system is a flexible terminal air dispersion system for the HVAC/R industry. The fabric air ventilation system is made of special high-tech fabric, replacing traditional...  more
  • Installation
    #fabric #air #dispersion #system
    Durkeesox integrate and streamline its production procedures in the factory,leaving the installation work that on-site worker can easily manage well.That contributes to easier installation,lower cost and...  more
  • How to Select Nanosox Sy
    #fabric #duct #manufacturers
    Nanosox air dispersion system is a flexible terminal air dispersion system for the HVAC/R industry. The fabric air ventilation system is made of special high-tech fabric, replacing traditional...  more
  • iconic lamp
    Lighting is essential for any home, and the farmhouse lighting perfectly blends the natural and industrial influences, will add the right rustic charm to your style. Farmhouse lighting is more inclined to vintage industrial style lights, usually in the...  more
  • Fern Fabric
    Why is an allergy tablecloth your first protection against dust sensitivity in Australia? Dust mite covers australia ​by Fern Fabric are the best to act as barrier against the dust mites and your beddings. They protect your skin to get in contact with...  more
  • shijie health
    Cloth Mask

    #fabric #face #mask

    Adjustable facial adhesion to prevent the fabric face mask from falling, Wear comfortably without strangling ears, Ensure protective effect

    ●Hygroscopic Moisture-proof

    ●Antibacterial and deodorizing

    ●Repeatedly...  more
  • Wei Liu
    The main materials of ES non-woven fabric are PP+PE and PET+PE, customers choose different materials according to the product's application.
    #non #woven #polyethylene #fabric https://www.fysensi.com/products/es-non-woven-fabric/
  • sungodtech sungodtech
    Technical LaminationSUNGOD is a leading manufacturer of membrane lamination in Asia. It established the lamination dept almost the same time as the PTFE membrane dept. Till 2020, we have nearly 20 years' lamination history, as well as 20 years'...  more
    Membrane Lamination, Lamination Technology, Laminating Services
  • sungodtech sungodtech
    Inner Dry Technology SUNGOD INNER DRY technology is an innovative quick-dry textile finishing technology applied to next-to-skin shirts and pants fabrics.
    It is called the 2.0 generation quick dry. It is a special treatment on the fabrics which enables...  more
    Functional Fabric Inner Dry Technology | SUNGOD Tech
  • sungodtech sungodtech
    Functional Fabric Treatment Evolutional fabric treatment technology possesses of latest hot melt PUR lamination production lines which come with completed gravure roller and chemical recipe big data system. Fulfill versatile functional textile lamination...  more
    Functional Fabric Treatment - SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd.
  • PTFE Glass Mesh Fabric Introductions

    PTFE glass mesh fabric also called PTFE open mesh fabrics are made from open mesh woven fiberglass coated with PTFE, the open mesh allows air and heat pass through quickly to improve drying time. The woven fiberglass...  more
  • Durkeesox system is widely applied in facilities with large and high space. We’re honored to serve users like We transfer hall in America, and reporting hall of CUG in China.


    The lofty architecture like auditorium, hall and conference...  more
  • Durkeesox is widely applied in Vehicle manufacturing factory, Mechanical component factory and other Auto Parts. World famous users:UT Tesla-Giga factory (US), Ssangyong motors( Koera), Mitsubishi Motors(Indonesia), Mahindra auto (India) and etc. ...  more
    Panasonic Malaysia
    The Air Ducts Can Provide a Storage Environment of Low Temperature to Extend the Shelf Life of Vegetables
    A MATCH MADE IN MALAYSIA – Panasonic and DurkeeSoxPanasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (PAPAMY)...  more
  • The stadium was designated as the Asia Games'basketball competition stadium, the hardware and software facilities of the stadium run thorough transformation to comply with the high-grade requirements of stadium standard set by GAGOC. The designed HVAC...  more
  • Gulmohar Lane
    Explore all types of #fabric #sofa online and select the best furniture for your home. Choose from our exclusive collections likeSofas, Beds, Chairs Bombay Rattan sofa Online, Norway sofa, etc.
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