• smlpdcbit
    TCI Tricone Bit #tci #tricone #drill #bits The roller cone bit has the functions of impacting, crushing and shearing the formation rock when it rotates, so the roller cone bit can adapt to various soft, medium and hard formations. ...  more
  • Semilac
    Buy the #best #professional #nail #drill online in UK via Semilac hassle free. This smart equipment shapes, polishes, buffs, and even removes gel from your nail plate to give you salon-quality nails at home.
  • Semilac
    Semilac offers you to buy #Electric #Nail #Drill #Machine online in UK hassle-free. Our ultimate, and easy to use electric nail drill machine for manicure is the best to prepare your cuticles and nail plate for gel polish and are also ideal for use at...  more
  • Semilac
    Semilac’s #Professional #Nail #Drill #kit is perfect for both beginners and nails technicians, whether you are painting nails at the spa, beauty parlour, or even for personal use at home.
  • gdjimdoa
    JMD 803P Nail Dust Collector
    https://www.gdjimdoa.com/products/jmd-803p-nail-dust-collector.html />
    #nail #drill #35000 #rpm

    Suitable Scenes:This nail dust collector with nail drill is ideal for both professional use in salon and beginner use at home,...  more
  • gdjimdoa
    JMD 108 Professional Electric Nail Drill
    https://www.gdjimdoa.com/products/jmd-108-professional-electric-nail-drill.html />
    #professional #nail #file #drill

    JMD-108 nail drill has a touch screen corded model, which typically works best for full...  more
  • gdjimdoa
    JMD 107 Portable Nail Drill
    https://www.gdjimdoa.com/products/jmd-107-portable-nail-drill.html />
    #nail #drill #manufacturer

    The JMD-107 efile nail drill is lightweight,battery powered control box will allow you to enhance your manis and pedis for a...  more
  • Litechtools com
    Rock Drilling Bits Classification
    Today, modern rock drilling and blasting technologies and geotechnical excavation operations have become the main method of obtaining resources from rock and opening up underground space for survival and development....  more
  • Litechtools com
    Drifter Rod
    Drifter Rod
    Drifter rod is mainly used on the full hydraulic drifting jumbo. This drifting drill rod can be used for roadway excavation blasting and anchor hole drilling in underground mine, as well as used for the excavation of traffic...  more
  • Litechtools com
    Litian Rock Tools
    We are a Chinese manufacturer of rock tool consumables for rock drilling & blasting and rock excavation industry. Our TBM cutters, top hammer drilling tools, and raise boring cutters can be used in all geological types, from hard rock...  more
  • lg brush
    Steel Wire Wheel Brush

    #wire #brush #wheel #drill

    Types of Steel Wire Wheel Brushes
    Wire wheel brush is a kind of brush with wheel shape, which is widely used in industry. It can be installed on electric drill, machine tool and other equipment. With...  more
  • gdjimdoa
    Welcome to wholesale high-quality nail drill at a competitive price from Jimdoa, we have a professional R&D team, full sets of equipment and advanced technology, our nail drill truly achieves low noise low vibration and low heat with high precision &...  more
  • gdjimdoa
    Jimdoa is specialized in designing and manufacturing top quality and fashion manicure & pedicure products, thanks for choosing Jimdoa electric pen shape nail drill, no matter you are a nail technician or a beginner, no matter for home or salon use, you...  more
  • gdjimdoa
    Jimdoa 35000rpm nail drills are good at engraving, carving, grinding, sharpening, sanding, and polishing nails, as well as removing gel polish, they can meet your multiple manicures needs from a simple trim to remove gel nails, acrylic nails, or poly...  more
  • TAIYE Separated Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drilling Rigs is a very economical series of tractor mounted drilling machine. This series of tractor mounted rig have a wide range of applications and excellent performance in various constructions. The down the...  more
  • The truck-mounted open-air split pneumatic drill rig produced by TAIYE uses compressed air as the power, mechanical direct control system, no wires and engine connection, the structure is very simple, and the whole vehicle is very convenient to repair...  more
  • dmncedm dmncedm
    CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

    #cnc #edm #drill #machine

    CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine Highlights

    Can drill deep hole with diameters 0.1mm ~ 3mm for C type, 0.2mm ~ 3mm for B type, 0.3mm ~ 3mm for A type

    The speed of the drilling hole is 30mm~60mm...  more
  • great drillbit
    The hole opener is made of AISI 4145H fully heat-treated alloy steel. All products have carbide grinding teeth and inserting tools. Body and cutters are hard-faced in three different designs with different conditions and rock formations. We also can...  more
  • great drillbit
    PDC bit is Polycrystalline Diamond Compact bit ,it also named Diamond bit.

    According to the Material Classification:

    Matrix body PDC bit: It was made by tungsten carbide powder,and gauge protection is TSP.

    Steel body PDC bit: AISI 4145H heat...  more
  • great drillbit
    Hybrid drills bits are compounded by the PDC fixed cutting and the roller free cutting structure. The teeth on the cone crush the rock by impact crushing, forming broken pits at the bottom of the well, and making the bottom of the well uneven. It can...  more
  • Step drill bit is a drill bit with steps in outer diameter, an advantage of which is one drill bit can replace more than one common drill bits to drill two or more different diameter holes according to the needs, and large holes can be drilled at one...  more
  • Betalent carbide offers standard drilling inserts, for drilling insert, the chip formation and chip removal are key problems, Betalent has professional engineer to solve the design problem and CNC machine for drilling testing when a new shape drilling...  more
  • Urban Construction

    #drill #machine #for #road

    In modern cities, all kinds of pipelines are like the blood vessels of the city, which are responsible for the normal operation of the city. Pipeline leakage is a common phenomenon. In the face of leakage,...  more
    Drilling Equipment for Urban Road Construction
  • Mining

    #mining #drill #rods

    In mines, our equipment is mainly used for blasting drilling, ore crushing and material separation.

    ANBIT provides various types of drilling equipment to cope with various mine working conditions, according to different...  more
    Rock Drilling Tools For Mining
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