• CNC Prototyping

    CNC Prototyping
    As a CNC prototyping manufacturer, we specialize in CNC Prototyping, offering high-precision, cost-effective production of complex parts. Our advanced machinery ensures accuracy and consistency.

    Key Features of CNC...  more
  • jimafo
    JimaFor Precision Machining
    https://www.jimaforging.com/precision-machining-services.html />
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    Precision machining is JimaFor most important core competitiveness. It is not a workshop, but a factory with advanced and complete...  more
  • FlourishLegend
    Look For CNC Machining Metal Materials
    https://www.flourishlegend.com/cnc-machining-metals/ />
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    As an advanced CNC metal machining manufacturer in Guangdong, China, Flourish Legend is committed to providing high-quality and...  more
  • FlourishLegend
    CNC Grinding
    https://www.flourishlegend.com/cnc-grinding.html />
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    Flourish Legend is equipped with multiple fully automated CNC grinding machines capable of machining high hardened materials, brittle materials, plastics and...  more
  • cskmotion
    Linear Motion Products for Laser Machining #cnc #linear #slide In the world of laser machining, precision and accuracy are paramount. The ability to control the movement of laser systems with utmost precision is crucial for achieving high-quality...  more
  • hhcprecision
    https://www.hhc-precision.com/parts-precision-technology/ />
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    High precision
    The structure design of the CNC lathe allows it to have high machining accuracy, and at the same time, it can automatically...  more
  • hhcprecision
    https://www.hhc-precision.com/industrial-cnc-parts/ />
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    We pride ourselves on providing top-quality custom solutions for a variety of industries including automotive, medical, aerospace,...  more
  • hhcprecision
    https://www.hhc-precision.com/cnc-machining-material.html />
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    When it comes to CNC machining, selecting the right material is crucial for ensuring the quality and functionality of your parts. With a...  more
  • Falcon123
    Precision Titanium Machining
    https://www.falconcncswiss.com/custom-titanium-machining.html />
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    Why is Titanium So Hard to Machine?

    Titanium, as a challenging material, has a unique combination of properties in terms of high...  more
  • Falcon123
    CNC Swiss Machining
    https://www.falconcncswiss.com/cnc-swiss-machining-services/ />
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    CNC Swiss machining is a specialized type of precision machining that involves the use of a sliding headstock lathe to produce intricate...  more
  • Falcon123
    Automotive Precision Machining
    https://www.falconcncswiss.com/automotive-precision-machining.html />
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    CNC machining technologies are widely used in the automotive industry to manufacture high-quality automotive parts that are...  more
  • Falcon123
    Precision Aluminum Parts
    https://www.falconcncswiss.com/aluminum-precision-machining.html />
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    Aluminum is a popular material for Swiss machining due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and versatility. At...  more
  • Fathomprecision
    CNC Turning
    https://www.fathomprecision.com/cnc-turning-service/ />
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    Provide the best custom CNC lathe machining service at most competitive prices and short lead time as well as wide range of material selection for...  more
  • Fathomprecision
    CNC Milling
    https://www.fathomprecision.com/cnc-milling-service/ />
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    Provide high quality prototype machining services and CNC machined parts with competitive prices as well as secondary processing and sub-assembly...  more
  • Fathomprecision
    https://www.fathomprecision.com/cnc-edm-service/ />
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    Electrical discharge machining, sometimes referred to as spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, wire burning, or wire erosion, is a metal production technique that uses...  more
  • Fathomprecision
    4 Axis CNC Machining
    https://www.fathomprecision.com/4-axis-cnc-machining-service/ />
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    4 axis custom CNC machining service provided for the prototype manufacturing of high precision and quality mechanical parts such as...  more
  • oriensonmetal com
    OEM Deep Drawing Parts Company
    https://www.oriensonmetal.com/deep-drawing-parts/ />
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    As one of the main stamping processes, deep drawing is widely used. The cylindrical, rectangular, stepped, round, and square mixed drawing and...  more
  • sibaicnc
    Custom CNC machining Aluminium #aluminum #machining #cnc Professional prototyping technical personnel, systematic management mode and a full set of prototyping equipment ensures admirable prototyping models, so as to more accurately and timely...  more
  • sibaicnc
    Brass CNC Machining #brass #cnc #machining Brass has good process properties, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, and some have high electrical and thermal conductivity. Brass shows golden luster and is an important decorative material....  more
  • sibaicnc
    CNC Machining Processes #cnc #high #precision Generally Sibai needs 3-6 work days to finish samples, from the order confirmation to delivery. If the material, cutting tools, and clamping tools and inspection tools are all ready, it needs only a half...  more
  • sibaicnc
    Machining Service In Drone #drone #cnc Compared with manned aircraft, drone has the advantages of low price, small body size, flexible maneuverability, no casualties, unlimited take-off conditions, and relatively simple aircrew support. ...  more
  • sibaicnc
    Machining Service In Automation #cnc #automation #parts Industrial automation is the trend of widely using automatic control and automatic adjustment devices in industrial production to replace manual operation of machines and machine systems for...  more
  • hsjfabrication
    Process Technologies in Sheet Metal Chassis Fabrication
    https://www.hsjfabrication.com/sheet-metal-chassis/ /> #chassis #cnc
    The sheet metal chassis is a chassis that is required for the use of a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets (usually...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/cnc-turning/ />
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    We have 50 CNC automatic lathes, which provide the processing capacity of producing 1 million pieces per year. We have high-precision (± 0.002) digital lathe processing. The...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/cnc-plastic-machining.html />
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    The characteristics of CNC plastic machining material are defined by the melting point temperature (150 ° to 450 °) and the use environment...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/cnc-milling/ />
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    We have 30 CNC milling machines, which provide the processing capacity of 100,000 pieces per year, which can ensure that all surfaces are processed in place. We...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/cnc-machining-materials/ />
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    CNC machining has not too many restrictions on CNC material list. Common plastics, metals, or special materials can be processed, but the...  more
  • deed com
    https://www.deedmachinetool.com/products/gmc-series-gantry-milling-machining-center/ /> #cnc #machining #center #vertical

    GMC series gantry mill for sale is the latest precision gantry boring and milling machining center...  more
  • deed com
    https://www.deedmachinetool.com/cnc-machining-automotive.html /> #cnc #industry

    A car requires thousands of molds, and the manufacturing cycle and quality of molds directly affect the production cycle and quality of the car....  more
  • deed com
    https://www.deedmachinetool.com/cnc-machine-for-die-making.html /> #machining #center #in #cnc

    Choose Faster throughput, finer surface treatment, and lower cost cnc die making machine from Deed CNC.

    Faster speeds. Advanced...  more
  • deed com
    https://www.deedmachinetool.com/aerospace-cnc-machining.html /> #cnc #die #making #machine

    DEED Precision uses advanced technology and the best engineering solutions to provide the most accurate parts for aerospace-with fewer...  more
  • oriensonmetal com
    Supporting Service #custom #cnc #machining Analyze the shape, size, precision, material, and blank of parts drawing requirements, and make clear the processing content and requirements; Determine the processing scheme, cutting route, cutting...  more
  • atlas com
    Atlas metal strives to exceed our customers' expectation and offer competitive price, a on-time delivery will be offered while maintaining stringent standards of quality. Statistical process control techniques are used throughout the manufacturing...  more
  • atlas com
    CNC Milling Parts
    Our Customized products are mainly used on 3C industries, lighting decoration, electrical applications, auto parts, medical equipment, intelligent automation equipment and so on. We have work with many famous companies in the world.

    ...  more
  • atlas com
    With hundreds of CNC machines, our unmatched in-house capacity ensures your cnc machining parts are shipped on-time, every single time. At Protolabs, our ISO9001-certified CNC machining facilities are designed for both rapid prototyping and low-volume...  more
  • atlas com
    Atlas metal specializes in the production of all kinds of precision hardware parts, fixture and automation equipment for more than 15 years, with years of processing and management experience with listed companies, products are widely used in...  more
  • Sheet metal fabrication is cutting thin metal sheets into desired shapes which are carried out using 3D CAD files. The 3D CAD files are transferred to the cutting machine, which cuts the sheet metal using the provided CAD file.

    Sheet Metal Fabrication...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/pvd-coating/ />
    #cnc #plastic #machining

    PVD coating, as we usually call it, refers to vacuum ion plating and vacuum sputter plating; Generally speaking, ncvm coating refers to vacuum evaporation coating. The...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/manufacturing-cnc-machining.html />
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    We are making continuous progress, optimizing internal management, providing processing and CNC manufacturing equipment services...  more
  • deed com
    VMC-series Vertical Machining Center is mainly suitable for processing complex parts such as plates, discs, molds, and small shells. The vertical machining center can complete the processes of milling, boring,...  more
  • deed com
    Vt series is a vertical drilling center independently designed and developed by our company. The product has the structural characteristics of high speed, high precision, high rigidity, and high reliability. It can work continuously and normally under...  more
  • deed com
    The spindle adopts high-precision SKF spindle bearings, equipped with spindle annular external cooling and spindle bearing dilute oil lubrication cooling technology, to ensure long-term high-precision operation of the spindle. Temperature sensors are...  more
  • deed com
    Imported spindle unit specially ordered according to industry needs. V-ribbed belt transmission, more stable.
    Multiple sealing structures, prolong service life.

    Φ180 combined bearing, compared with Φ160 bearing combination...  more
  • deed com
    600*600mm large cross-section ram to ensure that even when the ram is overhung, it maintains strong cutting rigidity. X/Y axes are each equipped with 4 roller-type linear guides, equipped with a high precision grating...  more
  • deed com
    CNC milling machine is automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of a general milling machine. Their processing technology is basically the same and their structure is somewhat similar. CNC milling machines are divided into two categories:...  more
  • Sheet Metal is a component with diverse uses in many industries. With the help of CNC, sheet metal can take any shape or style matching your needs. Among the booming requirement for prefabricated materials, sheet metal is the most utilized material for...  more
  • xinpin model
    Rapid Prototyping in Robotic & Automation Industry

    #cnc #machine #tending #robot

    With the development of science and technology, robotics & automation becomes more and more popular in our daily life, smart manufacturing plays a more vital role in the...  more
  • xinpin model
    Rapid Prototyping in Cosumer Products Industry

    #5 #axis #cnc #machine #for #home

    Xin Pin has been made many prototypes for consumer products for years. In order to adapt to the rapidly changing market condition, the Rapid Prototyping services are the...  more
  • ljz com
    Titanium alloy has high strength and low density, good mechanical properties, good toughness, and corrosion resistance. So titanium parts are widely used in medical, aviation, aerospace, chemical, metallurgy, and other...  more
  • ljz com
    CNC turning machining is a method of cutting the workpiece on the lathe by rotating the workpiece relative to the tool. Turning is the most basic and common cutting processing method. Most workpieces with revolving surfaces can be processed by turning...  more