• Hot Runner Accessories
    https://www.tinkosz.com/products/hot-runner-accessories/ /> #heavy #duty #electrical #cable #connectors
    In addition to temperature controller and cables, there are many optional accessories for hot runner temperature control systems....  more
  • sureall com
    Explosion proof connector, also called explosion proof fittings, explosion proof electrical fittings, flame proof fittings, flameproof electrical fittings, hazardous location fittings, explosion proof electrical connectors, explosion proof cable...  more
  • aupins tech
    Wiring Harness Connector

    #automotive #wiring #harness #connectors

    Wiring Harness Connector
    Connector plugs are used as electromechanical components to connect electrical circuits. AP team is able to produce connector plugs with high working voltage,...  more
  • hontcabletie com
    Material of push in cable connectors: PC, UL 94, V-2 and PA66.

    Rated Voltage of push in connector block: 450V.

    Voltage Resistance of push in style wire connectors: 4kV.

    Ambient Temperature of push in terminal connector: -40℃~+105℃.

    Application of...  more
  • runze fluid
    Fluidic Connections were manufactured from molds and injection machines by a wide selection of plastic materials. They are critical parts for the tightness of fluidic systems, RUNZE offers a variety of fittings, including tube fittings, luer fittings and...  more
  • china-tscom china-tscom
    Fiber Optical Connector
    #fiber #optic #quick #connectors
    The optical fiber communication connector is composed of ceramic ferrule and connector kits. different types of connector kits and ferrules are pre-assembled according to different connector...  more
  • langrunconnector
    18git-cl-1a-02-02 23 Pin Automotive Wire Harness Connector Ecu Connector Housing
    The specification of 18GIT-CL-1A-02-02 23 pin automotive wire harness connector ECU connector housing
    Item...  more
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