• ZWA1
    Double Row Tapered Roller Bearing
    https://www.zwabearings.com/products/double-row-tapered-roller-bearing.html />
    #double #row #tapered #roller #bearing

    The outer ring or inner ring of double row tapered roller bearing is a whole unit. ZWA's two-row...  more
  • ZWA1
    Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing
    https://www.zwabearings.com/products/double-row-spherical-roller-bearing.html />
    #double #spherical #roller #bearing
    Double row spherical roller bearings are the most widely used types in group of radial roller...  more
  • religare electric
    2 Phase DC MCCB #double #phase #breaker Keep the MCCB clean and free of dust or other debris and ensure that ventilation openings are not obstructed to ensure optimal heat dissipation. https://www.religare-electric.com/products/2-phase-dc-mccb/
  • eyecooltech
    Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351
    https://www.eyecooltech.com/products/binocular-iris-recognition-device-eci351/ /> #double #iris #scanner
    Eyecool Technology binocular iris recognition device (ECI351) is a biometric vertical product that collects,...  more
  • egrindwheel
    Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels
    https://www.egrindwheel.com/products/metal-bond-diamond-grinding-wheels/ />
    #double #disc #grinding #wheels

    The metal bond diamond wheel is made from the sintering of alloy powders and other fillers with either diamond...  more
  • huasun solar
    Himalaya M6 Series
    https://www.huasunsolar.com/products/himalaya-m6-series-hjt-solar-module/ /> #double #sided #solar #panels

    Bifacial Double-glass HJT Solar Module

    Main Features of Himalaya M6 Series
    N-type 166mm HJT Solar Cell

    Power Output Range: 380W...  more
  • strongmagnetics .com
    Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnets
    https://www.strong-magnetics.com/products/double-sided-fishing-magnet/ /> #double #sided #magnet #fishing
    The double-sided fishing magnet is composed of two ring-shaped neodymium magnets and a high-permeability...  more
  • Unionwell com
    Compact size and tight configuration

    Long life, high reliability

    Variety of terminals and levers.

    DPDT double-break circuit

    Widely used in Industry Control

    Specifications of DPDT Micro Switch G606

    #double #micro #switch
    ...  more
  • Run FengYuan
    Run Feng Yuan Double Needle Bar Warp Knitting Machine Without Jacquard are machines special for spacer textiles, mainly used in the shoe and mattress sectors. Here you can adjust the spacer size as you require, you can choose the machine Gauge and the...  more
  • Run FengYuan
    Run Feng Yuan Double Needle Bar Raschel knitting Machine not only available for spacer textiles fabric, but also available for seamless warp knits and fine lingerie fabrics. Space 1-50mm are available for different requirements.

  • jcforging
    Small Excavator Series Cylinders

    Advantages of Small Excavator Series Cylinders:
    These cylinders are mainly used for small excavators, including stick cylinders, boom cylinders, bucket cylinders and dozer cylinders. Use a pressure of 27.5MPa, and set...  more
  • ln nier
    Doule Handle Faucet LGFB-2216

    Doule Handle Faucet LGFB-2216
    Double handle faucet, the two handles adjust the water temperature of the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe respectively.

    Specification Of Doule Handle Faucet LGFB-2216
    3-hole...  more
  • kinglos com
    DSZA Series
    https://www.kinglos.com/products/electric-violin-dsza-series/ />
    #electric #double #bass

    Intermediate Electric Violin
    Reverse S-shaped design, simple and light; maple body, ebony accessories, advanced assembly. Patent coloring technology...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Double side polyester tape is made by coating silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides of the green PET substrate, and then compounding it with easy-to-peel release liner. The total thickness (100um±5um), can withstand repeated changes of low...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Double-sided kapton tape, also known as KAPTON double-sided tape, is based on 0.025mm polyimide film as the substrate, coated with imported silicone adhesive on both sides, with a total thickness of 0.1mm, double-sided or single-sided composite PET...  more
  • thbbearings
    Features of Double Row Tapered Roller Bearing
    High carrying capacity

    Continuous rotating

    Bearing radial and Bi-direction axial load.

    High stiffness #double #taper #roller #bearing ...  more
  • thbbearings
    Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller BearingDouble Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings are designed for heavy loads that cannot be met by single-row bearings. The radial load capacity can be...  more
  • mstnland
    MstnLand's series of double-eccentric soft-sealing butterfly valves can be used in noncorrosive medium pipeline and equipment for closure, connection and flow regulation.
    #double #offset...  more
  • Double-Row Ball Type Slewing Ring
    #double #row #ball #slewing #bearing
    The double-row and different-diameter spherical slewing bearings have relatively large axial and radial dimensions and are structurally fastened. It is especially suitable for loading...  more
  • Jaipur Mela
    Buy Double Bedspreads Online at Jaipur Mela. Explore latest designs of quilted bedspreads online which includes handblock #quilted #double #bedspreads, etc.
    Visit https://www.jaipurmela.com/categories/bedspread
  • ZF PCB
    The double-sided PCB is more complicated than single-sided PCB. The circuit patterns, on its both sides, are connected through a through hole in the middle. Various types of double-sided PCB are in the market, such as double-sided metal base PCB, high Tg...  more
  • Julia Gui
    Double Walled Cooler #double #walled #cooler Double hollow, strong cooling performance, temperature 22 degrees Celsius for up to 6 hours. Hollow insulation layer, ice can be placed in the bucket. Using classic design, streamline shape, elegant...  more
  • Spark He
    Double Sided LCD Advertising Display #double #sided #lcd #display For Double-sided advertising displays. customers always pay some special attention to them for their special display mode, with both sides displaying the same content or displaying...  more
  • seal con
    Double Cartridge Seals D13 for Sulzer APP Pumps Replacing John Crane SL Agitators

    #double #cartridge

    Double Cartridge Seals D13
    Replacement for:
    John crane SL Agitators
    Pulp and paper plant
    Sulzer APP pumps
    Performance Capabilities of Double...  more
  • gzmidas
    MAX-SN364 Indoor 2 Compartment Stainless Steel Recycling Double Trash Can #double #compartment #trash #can Size: 860*280*760

     Material: stainless steel
                                                                     ...  more
  • Jaipur Mela
    Buy latest range of #double #bed #dohar available in different sizes and colors at Jaipur Mela. Explore double bed dohar online collection and change the look of your bedroom.
    Visit https://www.jaipurmela.com/categories/double-size-dohar
  • jcforging
    HSG Engineering Hydraulic Cylinders

    #double #acting #telescopic #hydraulic #cylinders #for #sale

    Brief Introduction:

    HSG type engineering hydraulic cylinder is a double-acting single-rod piston type hydraulic cylinder. It has the characteristics of...  more
  • Jaipur Mela
    Buy #Double #Bedspreads #Online at Jaipur Mela. Explore latest designs of quilted bedspreads with us which includes handblock machine quilted double bedspreads, etc.
    Visit https://www.jaipurmela.com/categories/bedspread
  • Sue Wang
    Roll Forming Machine

    #double #layer #roll #forming #machine

    Having made automatic roll forming machine for over twenty years, we are a professional roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier in this area with rich experience. The main forming part...  more
  • Jaipur Mela
    Buy latest #double #bed #sheets #online at Jaipur Mela. Explore the rich collection of handblock double bedsheet online with us and make your purchase now!
  • Double-Row Ball Type Slewing Ring

    #double #row #ball #slewing #bearing #slewing #ring #drive

    The Double-Row Ball type Slewing Ring has three races. The steel ball and the spacer block can be directly discharged into the upper and lower...  more
    Part function: Jug Cap
    Part material: PP & POE
    Cavity: 2+2 cavities
    Cavity steel:  ASSAB 8418
    Life Cycle: 1,000,000 shots
    Lead time: 55 working days after deposit
    Payment: 40% deposit, 30% after first of trial, 30% before shipping

    HanKing mould is...  more
    Part function: Plastic Lid for coffee machine
    Part Standard according to ISO 11496
    Surface: SPI A-2 finish
    Flammability classification: UL-94 HB
    Part material: ABS & TPE
    Shrinkage: 0.55%
    Cavity steel:  ASSAB 8407
    Life Cycle: 500,000 shots
    Payment: 40%...  more
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