• FlourishLegend
    CNC Grinding
    https://www.flourishlegend.com/cnc-grinding.html />
    #cnc #cylindrical #grinding

    Flourish Legend is equipped with multiple fully automated CNC grinding machines capable of machining high hardened materials, brittle materials, plastics and...  more
  • ZWA1
    Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    https://www.zwabearings.com/products/four-row-cylindrical-roller-bearing.html /> #four #row #cylindrical #roller #bearing

    Based on the different bore types, ZWA's four-row cylindrical roller bearings are divided into...  more
  • Sunny Inside
    Optical window is a typical optical component of the LiDAR system and plays an important role in the operation of LiDAR systems. It not only protects the inner components, but also is involved in the operation. Sunny Automotive is a global professional...  more
  • Enhcb Enhcb
    Lithium Pouch Cell
    HCB developed and produced Li-MnO2 lithium pouch-style battery in 2007. It is the first lithium pouch cell supplier in China to achieve mass production, which has complete and core structural intellectual property rights for Li-MnO2...  more
  • thbbearings
    Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller BearingDouble Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings are designed for heavy loads that cannot be met by single-row bearings. The radial load capacity can be...  more
  • thbbearings
    Cylindrical Roller Thrust BearingCylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing Size

    Features of Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing
    Separate design

    Axle washer, seat washer, and cylindrical roller-cage assembly can all be installed separately.
    #cylindrical...  more
  • thbbearings
    Compared with ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings have higher radial load capacity.

    The design of cylindrical rolling elements also allows such bearings to accept relatively faster speeds than other forms of roller bearings.
    #a #cylindrical...  more
  • brdop tical
    An achromatic cylindrical lens can minimize chromatic aberration, so it can be used to focus a single direction of a multi-color light beam. Unlike a spherical lens that produces a point-focusing spot, an achromatic cylindrical lens can produce a linear...  more
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