• Prashant Kumar
    Are you struggling to find the right ring size? Look no further! Our premium ring sizers offer the perfect solution to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit for your precious jewelry. Say goodbye to guessing your size and hello to a seamless shopping...  more
    How to Determine Your Ring Size Online
  • Prashant Kumar
    Discover the joy of a perfectly fitting ring with our Plastic Ring Sizer - your key to personalized elegance and unmatched comfort.

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    Ring Sizers Help in Getting the Perfect Ring Size
  • Vita Isola
    Find the #best #place to #buy a #ring #online for the special someone in your life. At Vita Isola, our selection of stunning rings designed by the Greek designers is sure to impress.
  • rubysta jewels
    At Rubysta Jewels, you can customize your own #Hexagon #diamond #ring at a very low or reasonable price. With our wide variety of diamonds, we provide a full range of services from design to delivery.
  • rubysta jewels
    The #Salt and #Pepper #engagement #ring is a unique, timeless design that will complement any style of engagement ring. Choose salt and pepper ring from Rubysta Jewels that is perfectly designed and stacked well to your requirement.

    ...  more
  • powerful magnets
    Samarium cobalt is the second strongest magnetic material after neodymium-iron-boron. Although its magnetism is not as strong as neodymium magnet, they are more corrosion-resistant and have a higher maximum working temperature.Ring shaped samarium cobalt...  more
  • powerful magnets
    Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Ring Magnet D25.4xd12.7x6.35mm
    Axially magnetized rare earth samarium cobalt magnet rings with dimension of 1" (25.4mm) OD x 1/2" (12.70mm) ID x 1/4" (6.35mm) thick.

    Magnetic Performance: Br: 10.4 kGs, Hcb: 9.8 kOe, Hcj: 10.6 kOe,...  more
  • SE Helical Tooth Slewing Drive
    https://www.masfykj.com/products/se-helical-tooth-slewing-drive/ /> #slewing #ring #drive

    The SE Series Slew drive adopts enveloping worm gearing, more contact and higher torque. As a professional slewing drive manufacturer,...  more
  • SE9 Helical Tooth Slewing Drive
    https://www.masfykj.com/products/se9-helical-tooth-slewing-drive.html /> #slewing #ring #drive

    To accommodate the rotation of the relative rotating structure, you can design the installation location parallel to the ground...  more
  • PE25-1 Precision PE Series
    https://www.masfykj.com/products/pe25-1-precision-pe-series.html /> #slewing #ring #drive

    When you want the accuracy of the drive to be controlled between 0.05 and 0.15 degrees, there is no doubt that the precision type has a...  more
  • Heavy Duty Vehicle Series
    https://www.masfykj.com/products/heavy-duty-turntable-bearing-series-slew-drive/ /> #slewing #ring #drive

    The double-drive Heavy duty vehicle series can achieve 2 times the tooth contact on the single drive base, which makes heavy...  more
  • Double-Row Ball Type Slewing Ring
    https://www.masfykj.com/products/double-row-ball-slewing-ring.html />
    #slewing #ring #drive

    The Double-Row Ball type Slewing Ring has three races. The steel ball and the spacer block can be directly discharged into the...  more
  • Double Drive HSE25-2-2 Heavy Duty Vehicle Series
    https://www.masfykj.com/products/double-drive-hse25-2-2-heavy-duty-vehicle-series.html /> #slewing #ring #drive

    The double-drive Heavy duty vehicle series can achieve 2 times the tooth contact on the single...  more
  • Slew Drive & Slewing Ring Bearing
    https://www.masfykj.com/products/ /> #how #does #a #slew #ring #work
    Fuyong Intelligent is a leading manufacturer of slew drive and slewing bearing. Our products benefit from advanced technology, engineering experience and...  more
  • SWBTEC com
    Tower Crane Slewing Ring
    Crawler crane, truck crane, Jib crane, most slewing ring for crane is customer specific version, Swbtec slewing ring are serving the construction machinery everyday around the world.

    1. Slewing Ring For Big Crane
    Before, slewing...  more
  • SWBTEC com
    Slewing Bearing For Excavator
    SWBTEC, as one of the leading slewing bearings suppliers, provides high perfomance solutions of slewing bearing for excavator. Due to the working environment of excavator, like digging rocks, the excavator slewing bearing...  more
  • Elisa Cruise
  • Elisabeth Walker
  • Engineering Machinery (Tower Crane Slewing Ring)
    https://www.masfykj.com/tower-crane-slewing-ring.html /> #slew #ring #bearing #manufacturers
    Application Field: Works With
    Gear Ratio: 61:1 Output Torque: 6.5KN.m
    Tilting Moment Torque: 21.3KN.m Holding...  more
  • Slewing Ring Bearing
    https://www.masfykj.com/slewing-ring-bearing/ /> #slewing #ring
    Slewing Ring Bearing
    The slewing bearing is a new type of mechanical component. It has inner and outer rings, rolling elements, etc. The slewing bearing is a large bearing...  more
  • Slewing Drive For Solar Tracking System
    https://www.masfykj.com/slewing-drive-for-solar-tracking-systems.html /> #slew #ring #drive
    Application Field: Photovoltaic Power Generation
    Gear Ratio: 62:1 Output Torque: 6.5KN.m
    Tilting Moment Torque:...  more
  • https://www.masfykj.com/application/ /> Slewing Ring Bearings And Drives Solutions

    Application Field: Coal Mine Machinery
    Gear Ratio: 125:1 Output Torque: 15KN.m
    Tilting Moment Torque: 201KN.m Holding Torque: 103.2KN.m
    Axial Rating: 1590KN Radial Rating:...  more
  • Double Drive HSE25-2-2 Heavy Duty Vehicle Series
    #HSE25 #slewing #ring #drive
    The double-drive Heavy duty vehicle series can achieve 2 times the tooth contact on the single drive base, which makes it can produce nearly double the output torque in the...  more
  • ALex Liu
    D-Ring We guarantee that our products are 100% genuine. Our lashing D-ring is certified by DNV-GL, and the product will be manufactured according to your requirements. This kind of marine D ring can be tested at the weakest point by angle as 45°, this...  more
  • lovebirdceremoniesau
  • Double-Row Ball Type Slewing Ring

    #double #row #ball #slewing #bearing #slewing #ring #drive

    The Double-Row Ball type Slewing Ring has three races. The steel ball and the spacer block can be directly discharged into the upper and lower...  more
  • Ultrafine Mill
    GKH1032D Ultrafine Ring Roller Mill is a developed kind of grinding mill with optimized design & structure. It is mainly used in deep processing non-metallic mineral stones, hardness below seven Moh's hardness and humidity below 6%, such...  more
  • KGK Group
    Although jewelry is often not associated with men on a basic level, history tells us that men used to wear more #jewelry and gems than women back in the day. So if you are planning to bring some variety to your collection, here is a short article to help...  more
    Some Popular Ring Styles To Make For Men
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