• Injection Molding Solution & Prototyping Solution
    YWX Molding Services caters to a diverse range of markets, including automotive, medical, electronics, and agricultural sectors. With our advanced molding technology and expertise, we provide customized...  more
  • Injection Molding
    Precision, Efficiency, and Quality

    Our injection molding services offer precise and efficient production of high-quality plastic parts. With advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail, YWX as a chinese injection molding...  more
  • Competence

    Enhancing Your Business with Superior Molding Service Competence

    The Impact of Molding Service Competence on Production Efficiency
    At YWX, we offer various advanced molding services, including 2K with ROTATION TABLE, 2K with SPIN STACK...  more
  • Automotive Injection Molding
    YWX Molding Services offers a range of solutions for the automotive industry, including lighting, exterior and interior components, and thermal/HVAC systems. Our advanced molding technology and expertise enable us to provide...  more
  • Chinese Peptide Company
    Leuprorelin Acetate
    https://www.chinesepeptideco.com/leuprorelin-acetate.html />
    Leuprorelin Acetate Sequence:

    Molecular Weight:

    Leuprorelin Acetate Produced in:

    Leuprorelin...  more
  • sungplastic
    Get the best #low-#volume #injection #moulding services at competitive price. Sungplastic provides excellent production solutions that are specially designed for your needs and price range. Trust in our experience in delivering precise, long-lasting, and...  more
  • Welinktech
    https://www.welink-med.com/products/clamp-body-mold.html /> #mold #clamps #for #injection #molding

    A Clamp Body Mold is a type of injection mold that is designed to produce the clamp body component used in clamping systems. The clamp body...  more
  • honyemb honyemb

    Masterbatches for injection moulding/thermoforming are additives used to improve and enhance the performance of plastics used in injection moulding or thermoforming processes. These masterbatches contain...  more
  • reoyungelreoyungel .com
    Hyaluronic Acid Nose Filler
    https://www.eastcosmetics.com/dermal-fillers-nose.html /> #nose #injection #cost
    Hyaluronic acid is a kind of original substance existing in the human body, which contains a large amount of collagen solution and moisturizing...  more
  • Fathomprecision
    Injection Molding
    https://www.fathomprecision.com/injection-molding-service/ />
    #plastic #injection #mold #and #molding
    Over 20 years in China prototype precision plastic injection molding services covering wide range of plastic injection molding...  more
  • jly mim
    Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
    https://www.jlymim.com/metal-injection-molding-mim/ />
    #liquid #metal #injection #molding

    Metal injection molding (MIM) is a typical result of interdisciplinary, which integrates two completely different processing processes...  more
  • jly mim
    Development of Powder Injection Molding Technology
    https://www.jlymim.com/development-of-powder-injection-molding-technology.html />
    #metal #injection #molding #suppliers

    Powder injection molding is a new molding technology of parts, which combines...  more
  • jly mim
    Commonly Used Materials for Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
    https://www.jlymim.com/commonly-used-materials-for-metal-injection-molding-mim.html /> #metal #injection #molding #manufacturer

    1. Introduction of Metal Injection Molding

    Metal injection molding...  more
  • jly mim
    Cell Phone
    https://www.jlymim.com/capabilities/cell-phone/ />
    #metal #injection #molding #cost

    Jlymim devotes a lot of R&D personnel and funds to develop mim part for notebook PC, LCD monitor, LCD TV, and 3C and communication products. Pursuing to the...  more
  • jly mim
    Advantages and Characteristics of Powder Metallurgy Materials
    https://www.jlymim.com/advantages-and-characteristics-of-powder-metallurgy-materials.html />
    #metal #injection #molding #china

    Materials made by powder matallurgy are called powder matallurgy...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    What Are the Common Products Made by Injection Molding in Our Life?
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/what-are-the-common-products-made-by-injection-molding-in-our-life.html /> #precision #injection #mold
    In fact, all products molded by injection molding machines...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    What Are the Classification of Injection Mold Processing?
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/what-are-the-classification-of-injection-mold-processing.html /> #injection #mold #classification
    When the mold is opened, the movable mold and the fixed mold are...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    Vacuum Moulding
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/vacuum-moulding.html /> #vacuum #injection #molding
    Vacuum Moulding Plastic to the use of the original template to make a silica gel mold in the vacuum state, and pour it with PU material in the vacuum...  more

    https://www.fangling-precisionmold.com/products/precision-plastic-injection-molds-tools/ />
    #custom #injection #molding #companies
    When it comes to plastic injection...  more
  • Harry Hu
    What is the Difference Between Overmolding and Insert Molding?
    https://www.key-plast.com/what-is-the-difference-between-overmolding-and-insert-molding.html />
    #injection #moulding #services

    Plastic injection molding is one of the most widely used...  more
  • Harry Hu
    Types Of Plastic Injection Mold Polishing
    https://www.key-plast.com/types-of-plastic-injection-mold-polishing.html />
    #custom #plastic #injection #moulding

    Types Of Plastic Injection Mold Polishing
    Introduction to the plastic injection mold...  more
  • Harry Hu
    Two Shot Molding
    https://www.key-plast.com/two-shot-molding/ />
    #plastic #injection #moulding

    Two shot molding, also called double shot injection molding, dual shot injection molding,multi shot injection molding or 2k injection moulding is one category...  more
  • Harry Hu
    Plastic Injection Mould Tooling
    https://www.key-plast.com/plastic-mold-making/ /> #custom #injection #molding

    Plastic molds are tools that are matched with plastic mold making machines in the plastic processing industry to give plastic products a complete...  more
  • Harry Hu
    Injection Molding Service
    https://www.key-plast.com/plastic-injection-molding-services/ /> #injection #moulding

    Keyplast has leading advantages in custom plastic molding industry, with rapid quotation, professional design, efficient processing, regular...  more
  • Harry Hu
    Plastic Injection Molding
    https://www.key-plast.com/plastic-injection-molding/ /> #plastic #injection #molding #factory
    What is plastic injection molding? Plastic Injection molding is a molding method that combines injection and molding. The advantages of...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Plastic Injection Molding Services #plastic #injection #molding #cost Plastic injection molding supplier Proto-mold is focus on high-quality plastic injection molding services, and mold processing production cycle is short, automatic production line,...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding #medical #injection #molding As medical plastic injection molding companies, Proto-mold is Strictly in accordance with ISO 13485 international medical product standards for production and management. No matter...  more
  • oriensonmetal com
    Custom Plastic Injection Molding Service China #plastic #injection #molding #service Injection molding method has the advantage of production speed, high efficiency, automation operation realization, Design and color is various, Shapes can vary...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding #medical #device #plastic #injection #moulding As medical plastic injection molding companies, Proto-mold is Strictly in accordance with ISO 13485 international medical product standards for production and...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Plastic Rapid Prototyping
    Rapid prototyping is ideal for plastic parts that need to be a precise size or fit. To achieve precision, engineers and product developers will often need to test the plastic prototype multiple times within a short period to...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Automotive Product Mold
    High-precision software is used to design molds with precise core and cavity dimensions, taking into account requirements such as insert molding and dual-mold molding, which are commonly used in the automotive industry. If the...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Medical Equipment Mold
    Proto-mold is Strictly in accordance with ISO 13485 international medical product standards for production and management. No matter mold development and production plan stand on the customer's point of view of cost. Proto-mold...  more
  • Yang Ada
    Gadopentetate Dimeglumine Injection/API
    Since Gadopentetate Dimeglumine Injection was launched in 1992 by Beilu Pharma in China, it was highly recommended and accepted by the radiologist, and quickly occupied the market with its excellent quality and...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Soap Box Mold
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/soap-box-mold/ />
    #injection #mold #tooling

    Plastic soap is also made by plastic injection mold, as it need dimensional stability, good apperance and good color performance, so we have to choose...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Auto Rear View Mirror Housing Mold
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/rearview-mirror-injection-mold/ />
    #plastic #injection #manufacturer

    The car rearview mirror is an important part of car exterior parts, located on both sides of the car, is...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Plastic Gear Mold
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/precision-gear-injection-mould/ />
    #injection #moulding #manufacturers

    Plastic Precision Gear is one of the most widely used transmission mechanisms in the field of instruments & meters,...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Plastic Food Container Mould
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/plastic-food-container-mould/ />
    #injection #mould #design

    Plastic meal boxes mainly used for packing foods, so it need to be heat resistant and non-toxic,and could meet the...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Plastic Enclosure Mold For Electronic Device
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/plastic-enclosure-mold/ />
    #injection #moulding
    #injection #molded #parts

    In a Lego game, you will hold the laser, sit on the device, and shoot various targets....  more
  • Susan Qin
    Mouse Mold
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/mouse-mold/ />
    #injection #mold

    One computer mouse usually includes these plastic parts: a bottom shell, an upper cover, a middle cover, a wheel, a base of wheel, a frame which connects with...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Medical Test Tube Mold
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/medical-test-tube-mold/ />
    #plastic #injection #molding

    As a container for nucleic acid detection, there is a huge amount of consumption every day in the world. How to produce with high...  more
  • Jeward com
    PLASTIC CRATE MOULD & PALLET MOULDAs one of the most professional plastic mould suppliers in China, Jeward Mould has rich experience in the design and manufacture of crate mould and pallet mould. We are good at plastic mould products with complex...  more
  • xinpin model
    Rapid Prototyping in Automotive Industry

    #automotive #injection #mold

    Choosing a reliable automotive supplier is vital in the development of the part. Rapid Prototyping services are the very commonly used and popular technology in the developing...  more
  • xinpin model
    What is Rapid Prototyping Injection Molding?

    #rapid #injection #molding #suppliers

    Injection molding is the rapid tooling technique by the infusion of plastic into the steel cavity mold which is a common use for making high-quality end parts...  more
  • oriensonmetal com
    Plastic Injection Molding Service Of Metal Stamping
    Injection molding refers to the process of heating the plastic, plasticizing and melting, and then injecting it into the cavity of the molding mold. After cooling, the melt solidifies and molds....  more
  • Cally Lu
    Injection Molding Material
    Injection molding materials are the foundation in the industrial filed. Feman tooling working with advanced technologies provide solutions for many applications in the injection molding industry.
    Feman tooling provides...  more
  • Cally Lu
    Packaging Plastic Injection Molding
    Feman Tooling specializes in plastic & die casting plastic injection mold design and building, who offers full-service mold manufacturing including design, prototype samples making, plastic molding tools building,...  more
  • Cally Lu
    Injection Mold Design
    We do plastic injection mold design in China, along with plastic product design and development, and other tooling requirements. We offer a unique perspective in plastic injection mold and product design. Decades of injection mold...  more
  • Cally Lu
    Home Appliance Plastic Injection Molding
    With the improvement of people's living standards, we can see all kinds of home appliances around. For example, television, air-conditioner, washing machine, computer and etc. And now more and more smart home...  more
  • Cally Lu
    Heat Treatment of Precision Plastic Injection
    In the process of heat treatment, the precision plastic injection mold often produces deformation. In order to prevent this kind of problem, as long as we grasp the deformation law, analyze the causes, and...  more
  • Cally Lu
    Gas Assisted Injection Molding
    Gas-assisted injection (injection) molding, also known as gas injection moulding process, is a new injection molding process . It is one of the most important developments in the injection molding industry since the advent...  more