• Welinktech
    https://www.welink-med.com/products/connector-mold-luer-slip-and-luer-lock-type.html /> #connector #mold

    A connector mold, also known as a connector tooling, is a type of injection mold that is specifically...  more
  • Welinktech
    https://www.welink-med.com/products/clamp-body-mold.html /> #mold #clamps #for #injection #molding

    A Clamp Body Mold is a type of injection mold that is designed to produce the clamp body component used in clamping systems. The clamp body...  more
    Essential oils extracted from natural plants, safe and efficient, tested for up to 120 days, in line with the EU's environmental protection requirements, widely used in the packaging. It is easy to use, just put the sticker in the packing box, and close...  more
    The shoes are easy to get moldy issue, especially due to the leather materials and glue. There are many Kobso products can use in the shoes packing, such as Mold Prevention Packet, Anti-mold Sticker, Mold Prevention Packing Paper, Mold prevention...  more
  • Fathomprecision
    Injection Molding
    https://www.fathomprecision.com/injection-molding-service/ />
    #plastic #injection #mold #and #molding
    Over 20 years in China prototype precision plastic injection molding services covering wide range of plastic injection molding...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    What Are the Common Products Made by Injection Molding in Our Life?
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/what-are-the-common-products-made-by-injection-molding-in-our-life.html /> #precision #injection #mold
    In fact, all products molded by injection molding machines...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    What Are the Classification of Injection Mold Processing?
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/what-are-the-classification-of-injection-mold-processing.html /> #injection #mold #classification
    When the mold is opened, the movable mold and the fixed mold are...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    Two Shot Injection Moulding
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/two-shots-moulding-part.html /> #mold #technology
    Two Shot Injection Moulding, also known as dual-shot, multi-shot, allows engineers to create multi-material or multi-colored parts without...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Soap Box Mold
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/soap-box-mold/ />
    #injection #mold #tooling

    Plastic soap is also made by plastic injection mold, as it need dimensional stability, good apperance and good color performance, so we have to choose...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Mouse Mold
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/mouse-mold/ />
    #injection #mold

    One computer mouse usually includes these plastic parts: a bottom shell, an upper cover, a middle cover, a wheel, a base of wheel, a frame which connects with...  more
  • raycastings
    Material Guide
    https://www.raycastings.com/material-guide/ />
    #metal #casting #mold #material

    Choosing the best metal casting mold material for custom metal castings and metal forgings helps ensure the production of high-quality industrial components....  more
  • raycastings
    Zinc Casting
    https://www.raycastings.com/zinc-casting.html />
    #steel #mold #casting

    In practice, zinc casting is mainly applying to some small, high-value products. Also, zinc usually mixes with other materials such as aluminum, copper, titanium,...  more
  • Jeward com
    COCA COLA CRATE MOULDCrate mould for Coco-cola. The mould is reliable and durable.Cycle time is less than 60S. The production is light but supportive, which meets the requirements of big beverag companies like Coco-cola.

  • xinpin model
    Rapid Prototyping in Automotive Industry

    #automotive #injection #mold

    Choosing a reliable automotive supplier is vital in the development of the part. Rapid Prototyping services are the very commonly used and popular technology in the developing...  more
  • SOXI
    Use water as the heat transfer medium, connect the mold waterway through pipes, and directly exchange heat with the mold. It has the advantages of high heat conduction efficiency, less pollution, easy access to water...  more
  • SOXI
    The rapid cooling and rapid heating high-gloss mold temperature machine use the rapid switching between normal temperature water and high-temperature steam to achieve rapid temperature changes in different...  more
  • USM com
    The runner filling balance must be considered when designing the multi-cavity mold in order to ensure the best effect of filling balance, the mold cavity will be multiple of 4 to design the mold generally, such as 4. 8. 16. 32. 64. 128 points, etc. ;...  more
  • USM com
    USM is an ISO9001:2015 certified mold and injection molding factory, with over 15 years of professional experience and advanced equipment, we've got many successful cases in multi-cavity medical molds, there are 10 engineers could assist our customers to...  more
  • Cally Lu
    PP Injection Molding
    https://www.dgfeman.com/pp-injection-molding/ /> #injection #molding #mold

    Polypropylene, abbreviated as PP, is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance. Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic synthetic resin with...  more
  • Dan Liu
    Why is Septic System Inspection in North York Important for Buyers?

    https://awesomehomeinspections.weebly.com/ />
    Septic system inspection in North York is among the most crucial components of the home before buying or selling it. Septic inspections are...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    A multi-cavity mould is known as a mould with multiple cavities. The multi-cavity mold consists of a multi-cavity of different plastic parts.

    Though multi-cavity injection molding process may be much more complex than others such as insert injection...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    GM-TECH have a much experienced design team, familiar with China domestic, European, American, Japanese and other mold design standards, be able to use all kinds of software skillfully for mold and product designing.
    #injection #mold #design ...  more
  • Dan Liu
    The Shocking Revelation of Home Inspection in North York

    https://awesomehomeinspectio.gumroad.com/p/the-shocking-revelation-of-home-inspection-in-north-york />
    damping walls in winter are a favorite spot for molds to grow. Therefore, if you are looking...  more
  • hic cosmoplat
    High Quality Steel Ejector Pin
    Ejector pin mold refers to plastics injection mold to eject or push the plastic part out of the mold. And sleeve pins are generally linked with headless screws in the plastic injection mold.

    #mold #ejector #pins
    ...  more
  • hic cosmoplat
    Various Copper Series Molds
    We offer high-quality copper injection molding services with features of reliable, durable, and precisive.
    #copper #ingot #mold
  • Ms Cici
    MOLD MONITOR #mold #monitor In industrial manufacturing process, mold loss is very heavy. Mold monitor utilizes machine visual contrast function and powerful computing speed of computer CPU to carry out real-time computing processing of image data....  more
  • Andrea Smith
    haishi-machinery #manufactures Double two color #injection making #machine using a highly-specialized automatic process which helps to #mold two or more types of #plastic #materials having compatibility. Their Double two color injection #making machine...  more
  • Andrea Smith
    haishi-machinery #manufactures Double two color #injection making #machine using a highly-specialized automatic process which helps to #mold two or more types of #plastic #materials having compatibility. Their Double two color injection #making machine...  more
  • Overmolding Injection Molding
    #overmold #vs #insert #mold

    Premium provide overmolding injection service over 20 years, overmolding is called 2 times injection molding, the production of the substrate parts is a standard injection molding process...  more
  • Die Casting

    #low #pressure #permanent #mold #casting

    Over 20 years, Premium die casting has been dedicated to providing companies with superior die casting parts and die cast toolings, along with surface finishing and CNC machining through state of...  more
    Part function: Jug Cap
    Part material: PP & POE
    Cavity: 2+2 cavities
    Cavity steel:  ASSAB 8418
    Life Cycle: 1,000,000 shots
    Lead time: 55 working days after deposit
    Payment: 40% deposit, 30% after first of trial, 30% before shipping

    HanKing mould is...  more
  • Cally Lu
    automotive plastic injection molding Feman automotive mould is the automotive mould projects and technical development & manufacturing foundation of Feman plastic injection factory. Feman Automotive strengths in medium and small sized precision and...  more
    Automotive Plastic Injection Molding Company/Manufacturer, Custo
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