• MapleSourcing
    Product Purchasing
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    #global #procurement #process
    Our sourcing purchasing and procurement services encompass a range of vital support for import businesses. The services are important for procurement...  more
  • Dgchemtech
    Polylactic Acid (PLA)
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    Continuous research and process optimization in synthesis, purification to
    polymerization of lactide over many years.

    Polylactic Acid...  more
  • Genius edusoft
    Introducing our #Student #Fees #Collection #ERP #Software, a comprehensive solution for schools to streamline their fee management process. Our #Online Fees #Payment #Process in School lets #parents conveniently pay fees through our secure platform. Our...  more
  • jly mim
    Metal Injection Molding
    https://www.jlymim.com/metal-injection-molding.html /> #mim #process #flow

    Metal injection molding(MIM). MIM combines the shaping capability of plastic injection molding and the material flexibility of the conventional powder...  more
  • qrsolutionsin
    Salesforce is the first to offer SaaS and mobile CRM for continuing to be the #1 to fulfill all its promises to provide process-driven CRM solutions. With years of experience as the trusted Salesforce partner, we will help you use all the benefits of CRM...  more
  • sunkaier
    Chemical Processing Machines For The Chemical Sector

    Benefits of SUNKAIER Chemical Processing Machines in Chemical Industry

    SUNKAIER developed supporting design software, such as CFD simulation software, which can build a three-dimensional visual...  more
  • IndraniBilup
  • Genius edusoft
    #Student #Fees #Payment #Systems are software applications used by #educational #institutions to manage fees #collection, #payment, and #reporting. These #Online Fee Payment #ERP #App can create student fee structures, collect #payments from...  more
  • Genius edusoft
    A #School #Payroll #Management #System is essential for educational institutions to #manage #employee compensation efficiently. The software automates #tracking hours, calculating salaries, generating payslips, and managing tax deductions. With #College...  more
  • Genius edusoft
    Simplify the admission process for your Institute with our advanced #Institute #Online #Admission #Software. Our #School Online #Enrolment #system offers a seamless online enrolment experience for students and streamlined management for administrators....  more
  • jcforging
    Forging Process

    Create Die Mold
    Create a die mold is the first step for the forging process, it is critical and essential step for the die mold forging process.

    We have a die mold maker who had been working with us for near 20 years, with rich...  more
  • DataPlusValue WebServices
    Mistaken by lack of knowledge, poor order processing process and choosing an inexperienced company as your outsourcing partner?

    If you want to get more business from repeat customers and are looking for an #outsourcing #partner for a smooth #order...  more
  • Cally Lu
    Gas Assisted Injection Molding
    Gas-assisted injection (injection) molding, also known as gas injection moulding process, is a new injection molding process . It is one of the most important developments in the injection molding industry since the advent...  more
  • Yozy Technologies
    Security testing is essential to safeguard your web application/APIs/Database from hackers or security attacks. In Devozy, security code scan and OWASP testing tools are integrated and readily available to avoid website downtime, time loss and reduce the...  more
  • Deepak Aggarwal
    Looking for trademark registration process in India? There are some various steps you need to take at the time of trademark Registration.
    Trademark is very crucial asset for your business and for its protection, you must register it.
    Get to know step by...  more
    Trademark Registration Process & Procedure in India - Regalguru
  • waiwai tree
    SMC Cable Braket

    #bulk #molding #compound #process
    The SMC cable bracket is a combination consisting of a cable bracket, a post and a fixed pin. The material of the column and the pin is also made by the high temperature pultrusion of the FRP composite....  more
  • waiwai tree
    SMC/BMC Antenna Reflector

    #bulk #molding #compound #process
    High precision, high efficiency, and high gain

    The most important job of using SMC for the manufacture of antennas is to fully exploit its features and achieve high precision in antenna...  more
  • waiwai tree
    BMC/SMC Insulation

    #bulk #molding #compound #process
    High-strength, wear-resistant, fire-resistant, color BMC material for medium and low voltage insulators such as SMC Insulated. Typical applications are switch boards, busbars, switchgear, etc. BMC...  more
  • waiwai tree
    BMC, SMC, GRP, GFK Roof Tiles

    #bulk #molding #compound #process

    BMC, SMC, GFK, GRP roofing materials are glassfiber reinforced plastic, also known as glassfiber roof, which are composed of resin and glassfiber. This kind of material owns a lot of...  more
  • waiwai tree
    BMC, SMC, GRP, GFK Ceiling

    #bulk #molding #compound #process
    Ceiling is a kind of decoration on the top of living environment. In short, it refers to the ceiling decoration, is an important part of interior decoration. The ceiling has the functions of...  more
  • waiwai tree
    BMC, SMC, GRP, GFK Building & Decoration Materials

    #bulk #molding #compound #process

    Building decoration materials, also known as building finishing materials, refer to the materials laid or painted on the surface of buildings to decorate and beautify...  more
  • kesdiecasting
    Cold chamber die casting is extremely suitable for metals with high melting points such as aluminum. In this process, the metal is liquefied in an extremely high temperature furnace, and then sent into the cold room to be formed...  more
    Part function: Plastic Lid for coffee machine
    Part Standard according to ISO 11496
    Surface: SPI A-2 finish
    Flammability classification: UL-94 HB
    Part material: ABS & TPE
    Shrinkage: 0.55%
    Cavity steel:  ASSAB 8407
    Life Cycle: 500,000 shots
    Payment: 40%...  more
  • Cally Lu
    insert molding Insert molding process is kind of a special injection molding style in the traditional molding process. Now are wildly used in the injection industry. In our daily life that we can see many plastic products are produced together with the...  more
    Plastic Insert Molding, Insert Injection Molding Process
  • Cally Lu
    injection molding style With the development of plastic injection molding industry, the tradition plastic injection ways is no longer meet the requirements of moderns products. All these special products drives the reformation of injection industry....  more
    Types Of Plastic Injection Molding Process, Plastic Parts Manufa
  • Cally Lu
    gas assit injection molding Gas-assisted injection (injection) molding, also known as gas injection (injection) molding, is a new injection molding process. It is one of the most important developments in the injection molding industry since the advent...  more
    Gas Assisted Injection Molding, Gas Injection Moulding Process
  • Main Parameters
    1. Capacity: 65-85pcs/min
    2. Wire diameter: Φ0.5-1.8mm
    3. Space required: 8m*2m
    4. Total power: 5.95KW
    5. Suitable material: Galvanized wire
    6. Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ
    7. Dimension: 5000x1200x1700 mm
    8. Weight:...  more
  • Main Parameters
    Main Parameters
    1. Out put: 350pcs/min
    2. Galvanized wire diameter: Φ0.45-0.70mm
    3. Space required: 2m*2m
    4. Total power: 0.75KW
    5. Suitable material: galvanized steel wire
    6. Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ
    7. Dimension:...  more
  • Shally  Warner
    Choose Professional Accounting Services In Coral Springs

    Get the #professional accounting #services in Coral Springs at the best prices. HispanUSA offers insurance service, accounting services, #tax services, and immigration services among others. They...  more
    Debt Negotiation, Insurance Agents, Immigration, Accounting, Tra
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