• intradin
    Hose, Cord and Cable Reels
    https://www.intradin.com/products/fluid-handling-equipment/reels/barrier-reels /> #caution #tape #reel

    Ideal used for isolation of construction section, dangerous section, traffic accident and emergency

    The reel can be...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    Brown Cloth Duct Tape
    https://www.ygtape.com/products/brown-cloth-duct-tape.html /> #brown #cloth #tape
    Feature: Frabic cloth as backing, coated with different adhesive (natural rubber or hot melt adhesive), good stereo feeling.

    Application: Widely used...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    Bopp Tape
    https://www.ygtape.com/products/bopp-tape/ /> #bopp #tape #supplier
    Our range of products is designed to help you with all of your needs, whether it's for packaging, sealing, bundling, or even decorating.
  • YGTAPE .com
    Bopp Film For Adhesive Tape
    https://www.ygtape.com/products/bopp-film-for-adhesive-tape.html /> #self #adhesive #tape #factory
    Our range of Bopp Film for Adhesive Tape is a type of polypropylene film which is suitable for a variety of uses.
  • YGTAPE .com
    YG OPP Tape for Logistics
    https://www.ygtape.com/opp-adhesive-tape-for-logistics.html /> #opp #tape #supplier
    BOPP film as the base material, single-side coated with hot melt adhesive, strong adhesion, good tensile strength, high stickiness, meets the...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    Fiberglass Mesh Tape
    https://www.ygtape.com/products/fiberglass-mesh-tape.html /> #fiberglass #mesh #tape #factory
    Fiberglass Mesh Tape is an incredibly versatile and essential material for a variety of applications. From drywall repair and reinforcement...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    Adhesive Tape Uses from YG
    https://www.ygtape.com/yg-adhesive-tape-uses/ /> #bopp #tape #uses
    YG TAPE supplies wide ranges of high quality adhesive tape, including industrial adhesive tape, adhesive film, hot melt adhesive, adhesive lable, and self...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    How to Select Cloth Duct Tape?
    https://www.ygtape.com/how-to-select-cloth-duct-tape.html /> #difference #between #duct #tape #and #cloth #tape
    Duct tape is based on a kind of easily torn cloth, which is coated with PE polyethylene film on the surface...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    YG Tape for Electrical Application
    https://www.ygtape.com/adhesive-electrical-tape.html /> #electrical #tape #bulk
    PVC film as the base material, one side coated with natural rubber glue, good adhesion, strong toughness, flame retardant, good insulation...  more
  • jxfuluo
    Waterproof Kinesiology Tape
    https://www.jxfuluo.com/products/waterproof-kinesiology-tape/ /> #sports #tape

    The waterproof athletic tape for swimming, also called waterproof sports tape, is designed to mimic the elasticity of the skin so you can make the...  more
  • jxfuluo
    Foam Medical Tape
    https://www.jxfuluo.com/products/foam-medical-tape/ />
    #kinesiology #tape #suppliers

    Wholesale foam medical tapes from China can be used directly, and can also process into other products like electrode slice and pad.

    More options are...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/kraft-paper-tape/ />
    #kraft #paper #tape

    Egret so-called kraft paper tape or brown paper tape is used a lot as packing sealing tape, and for refrigerator internal parts fixing. Normally is coated with...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/industrial-adhesive-tape/ />
    #industrial #tape #manufacturers

    As one of the professional industrial tape manufacturers in China, Egret supplies many types of industrial adhesive tape....  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/fsk-tape/ />
    #fsk #tape

    FSK tape is short name for foil scrim kraft tape. It is fire resistant, moisture barrier, very popular in thermal insulation industries. It is combination of aluminum foil, brown kraft...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/foam-tape/ />
    #sponge #tape
    Egret started to produce foam tape in 2019, we have our own foaming machines to make different foam materials. What is foam tape? Foam tape is made of different foam materials,...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/fiberglass-tape/ />
    #fiberglass #tape

    Egret fiberglass tape adopts fiberglass or glass fiber as the backing material. Fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber. The fibers can be...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/eva-foam-tape/ />
    #eva #foam #tape

    EVA foam tape stands for ethyl vinyl acetate foam tape. Ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer, EVA for short. Generally, the content of vinyl acetate (VA) is 5%-40%. Compared...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/epdm-foam-tape/ />
    #epdm #foam #tape

    EPDM foam tape stands for ethylene propylene diene rubber tape. Closed cell EPDM foam products are formed by foaming the synthetic rubber into soft and elastic foaming...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/duct-tape/ />
    #duct #tape

    Egret so-called duct pipe wrap tape is used a lot for sealing water leakages and repair, it is also called as duck tape or cloth tape. Important to realize, as it is can be used for...  more
  • michael dark
    Parafilm plastic tape for taping wires and stems. For all types of wired floristry work. Get now at a very reasonable price. Buy now: https://bit.ly/3jMtcgv />
    #tape #parafilms #parafilmsrolls #rolls #taperoll #michaeldark #florist #plastictape
  • Ruslan Dyatlov
    Professional Painting Service in Toronto Reduces Future Repairs

    https://tapedrywallplaster.my-free.website/ />
    If you are looking to hire a professional for painting service in Toronto, you are making a great decision. Professional painters have the...  more
  • winner medicalstore
    Sports Care

    #athletic #medical #tape #bandages

    Dimora Black White Athletic Sports Tape (4-Rolls), Very Strong Tape For Athlete & Sports Trainers & First Aid Injury Wrap, Perfect For Fingers Ankles Wrist On Bat, Hockey Stick
    No review yet.
    Write...  more
    High Temperature Insulation Sleeve

    #thermal #insulation #tape #high #temperature

    QIAN-ZE makes different high temperature sleeves, Basalt Sleeve, Silicone Coated Basalt Sleeve, Fiberglass Sleeve, and other high-temperature sleeves. Through the...  more
    Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tape

    #silicone #coated #fiberglass #tape

    QIAN-ZE Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tape provides the same protection against extreme heat conditions and occasional direct flames as QIAN-ZE Fire sleeve but in a versatile way. It is...  more
  • SUCA
    SC-8281 grafting tool tape produced by Suca is a grafting tape for fruit trees and plants. This plant graft tape has the characteristics of a High-quality grafted membrane, waterproof, stretchable, self-adhesive, flexible and durable. As the plant grows,...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Polyester tape is based on soft polyester film, coated with high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive or acrylic adhesive on one or both sides. It has excellent high-temperature resistance, high adhesion, no glue residue after tearing off,...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Kapton tape acrylic adhesive is Polyamide film coated with acrylic glue on one side or both sides, the conventional thickness is 0.05 mm and 0.08 mm, the color can be brown or black.
    #kapton #tape...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Green polyester tape is a green high-temperature tape with a PET film as the substrate and a layer of silicone adhesive applied uniformly on one side of the substrate. Green polyester tape produced by our factory has excellent temperature resistance and...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Glass cloth high temperature resistant tape is made of high-quality high-density alkali-free glass cloth, coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side or both sides. The thickness of the single-sided glass cloth adhesive tape is...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Double side polyester tape is made by coating silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides of the green PET substrate, and then compounding it with easy-to-peel release liner. The total thickness (100um±5um), can withstand repeated changes of low...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Double-sided kapton tape, also known as KAPTON double-sided tape, is based on 0.025mm polyimide film as the substrate, coated with imported silicone adhesive on both sides, with a total thickness of 0.1mm, double-sided or single-sided composite PET...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Copper tape with conductive adhesive is made of high-quality conductive adhesive and copper material. This copper foil tape with conductive adhesive has strong adhesive force, good electrical conductivity, strong sealing performance, easy bonding,...  more
  • jxfuluo
    Non-woven Wound Dressing
    https://www.jxfuluo.com/products/non-woven-wound-dressing/ /> #kineiology #tape
    It consists of a layer of glue-coated non-woven fabric and releases paper. Its soft and elastic non-woven fabric can make the wound feel comfortable,...  more
  • jxfuluo
    Medical Wound Dressing
    https://www.jxfuluo.com/products/medical-wound-dressing/ /> #athletic #tape

    It consists of a layer of glue-coated non-woven fabric and releases paper. Its soft and elastic non-woven fabric can make the wound feel comfortable, so it...  more
  • jxfuluo
    Medical Dressing Tape
    https://www.jxfuluo.com/products/medical-dressing-tape/ /> #kinesiology #tape #factory

    With strong permeable, the skin can breathe naturally and decrease the possibility of infection.

    Applying to bandaging and fixing dressing, also...  more
  • jxfuluo
    Kinesiology Tape
    https://www.jxfuluo.com/products/kinesiology-tape/ />
    #types #of #kinesiology #tape

    FULUO is the earlist manufacturer in China that manufacture Kinesiology tape. We provide high-quality muscle tape and athletic tape with OEM service to...  more
  • rishengmagnets
    Magnetic Tape
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/magnetic-tape.html /> #magnetic #tape #suppliers
    Magnetic (ribbon/ruler) tape (also called magnetic strip) is made of strontium ferrite powder compounded with plastics or rubbers (NBB or CPE) by the...  more
  • kejin gtrim
    Metallic Trim is very common. Any trim with a little metallic material could be considered as a metallic trim. Metallic can refer to any metal colors. The most common is silver and gold.
    #gold #bias #binding...  more
  • dhxg luetape

    #custom #warning #tape

    Warning tape used PVC film as the base material, coated with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive to make the product. Warning tape has many advantages like water resistance, humidity resistance, weather resistance,...  more
  • dhxg luetape

    #clear #logo #tape

    Transparent Packaging Tape, also named clear tape, which is with a water based pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material Bopp film. It is durable and reliable transparency acrylic tape...  more
  • dhxg luetape

    #stationery #masking #tape

    Stationery tape is the tape commonly used in offices for general purpose. It is also called cello, cellophane tape, or sticky tape. Stationery tape is used for repairing paper, envelopes, and arts and...  more
  • dhxg luetape
    #masking #tape #jumbo #roll

    We have been serving thousands of medium & large tape factories with chemical cooperation, raw materials, semi-products and finished products.

  • dhxg luetape

    #pvc #tape #distributor

    PVC tape is a type of electrical tape for outdoor use due to its durability and weather resistance. PVC electrical insulation tape are made of rubber-based adhesive that helps it stretch. It is...  more
  • dhxg luetape

    #insulation #tape #wholesale

    PVC tape is a type of electrical tape for outdoor use due to its durability and weather resistance. PVC electrical tapes are made of rubber-based adhesive that helps it stretch. It is used for...  more
  • dhxg luetape
    #pressure #sensitive #tape #manufacturers

    PSA's full name is a pressure-sensitive adhesive. PSA is an emulsion adhesive of acrylic resin, which has good adhesion for plastic, metal, glass, paperboard, etc. It is widely used...  more
  • dhxg luetape

    #custom #shipping #tape #low #minimum

    Custom printed packing tape, a custom packaging tape with a designed logo printed in a tape, which is made of a Bopp film printed logo and water based acrylic adhesive. It is durable and...  more
  • Hot Toner Hot Toner
    Brother PT-1000 Printer P-Touch Lable Tape

    #brother #p #touch #tape

    Brother PT-1000 PT1000 Cartridges
    All printers need supplies and the Brother PT-1000 PT1000 is no exception. By choosing to order from HotToner you have chosen to save!

    Order Brother...  more
    Brother P-Touch Tape Online - Hot Toner
  • PTFE Zone Tape Introductions

    PTFE zone tape is with high temperature adhesive along the edge and leave an adhesive-free center in the middle. The tape is made from woven fiberglass substrates impregnated with PTFE, then process pressure sensitive...  more
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