• Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control System
    https://www.oilsolidscontrol.com/oil-and-gas-drilling-solids-control-system.html /> #vacuum #degasser #drilling

    Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control System
    Solids control system mainly include shale shaker in...  more
  • Drilling Waste Management System
    https://www.oilsolidscontrol.com/drilling-waste-management-system.html /> #drilling #waste #management #equipment

    BZ is a professional drilling waste management equipment and solution provider, providing professional...  more
  • great drillbit
    How to Use Tricone Bit Appropriately? #tricone #bit #drilling The load on the turntable increases; the turntable chain jumps; the kelly rod is crappy; the turntable is stopped and the car is reversed; the drilling speed drops; the weight indicator...  more
  • smlpdcbit
    Steel PDC Drill Bit #drag #bit #drilling The entire bit body of the PDC steel bit is made of medium carbon steel and machined using a fabrication process. The bit crown is treated with a surface hardening process (sprayed tungsten carbide wear...  more
  • Litechtools com
    Quarrying & Aggregate
    Top hammer rock drilling tools for Quarrying and Aggregate industry

    In quarry and aggregate industries, the application of top-hammer rock drilling rigs can improve operational efficiency, safety and stability, as well as adapt to...  more
  • Litechtools com
    Top Hammer Drilling Tools
    Top hammer drilling tools are kinds of rock tools widely used in top hammer drilling applications, such as open-pit mining, quarrying, underground mining, rock bolting, tunneling, and production drilling. The top hammer rock...  more
  • TAIYE specializes in the design, manufacturing and service of different types of drilling rigs, such as rotary drilling equipment (eg. direct rotary drilling rigs), reverse circulation drilling machines, mobile borehole drilling machines and core bore...  more
  • High-quality accessories are the guarantee for your efficient work. Taiye drilling rig spare parts are produced independently. The accessories have strict quality control in all aspects such as material selection, production, and inspection....  more
  • As a professional air compressor supplier, we can select the air compressor model and brand corresponding to the volumetric flow and pressure according to the drilling hole diameter, drilling hole depth, etc.

    These high-quality air compressors for...  more
  • great drillbit
    Overview of PDC Core Bit

    GREAT customized made Diamond core bits, which including Matrix body and Steel body, the Diamond core bit is used to drill an underground core (or mineral core) primarily when samples of underground rock (minerals) are...  more
  • great drillbit
    Overview of Drag Bit

    Drag bit are manufactured from forged high-quality alloy steel and hard alloy, plus state of art welding technology and multiple precision heat treatment to provide the highest penetration rate and longest lifespan at the roughest...  more
  • Advantages of DTH Drilling Machine

    #advantages #of #drilling #machine

    DTH Drilling Rig

    It is a common type of rock electric drill at present. The drill pipe is a common round drill pipe or a twist drill pipe.
    Composition of DTH drilling...  more
    Advantages of DTH Drilling Machine - Shenyang ABT Drilling Equip
  • We are the designated distributors of many well-known air compressor brands at home and abroad. We have many years of stable cooperation with China Baosi Air Compressor, China Liutech Air Compressor, American Sullair Air Compressor, American...  more
  • Fig 2202 Hammer Union
    Working Pressure:
    15,000 psi(1034 bar)

    Meets National Association of Corrosion Engineers Standard MR-01-75 and American Petroleum Institute RP-14E

    Heat-treated components are 100% tested for hardness

    Fluoroelastomer...  more
  • Fig 207 Hammer Union
    Working Pressure:
    2,000 psi(138 bar)

    Parts are interchangeable with Figs.200 and 206

    O-ring on blanking cap ensures a leak-free seal

    Raised lugs on cap allow for make-up with a hammer

    Cap can be tapped for pressure...  more
  • Fig 100 Hammer Union
    Working Pressure:
    1,000 psi(69 bar)

    Pressure-tight; make-up with hammer

    Economical, low-pressure union

    Recommended Service:
    Manifold and line connections.
    #Fig #100 #hammer #union #drilling #supply...  more
  • F-800 Mud Pump

    F 800 mud pump for oil drilling have features of solid and compact structure, small volume, good and reliable performance. It can meet the drilling requirements such as high pressure and big displacements whether in land drilling...  more
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