• Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control System
    https://www.oilsolidscontrol.com/oil-and-gas-drilling-solids-control-system.html /> #vacuum #degasser #drilling

    Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control System
    Solids control system mainly include shale shaker in...  more
  • forestpac com
    https://www.forestpac.com/products/embossed-vacuum-pouches/ />
    #embossed #vacuum #pouches

    Our embossed vacuum packaging pouches offer an excellent method for both cooking and storing food. The crisscross embossed design...  more
  • Leading the Way in Filtration with Advanced Vacuum/Mud Filter Screens

    A key aspect of Fine Perforators' product offering is the focus on Maintenance and Cleaning of Filter Screens.

    ...  more
  • Elevating Filtration Efficiency with Premier Vacuum/Mud Filter Screens

    One of the standout features of vacuum/mud filter screens is their Ease of Maintenance for Filter Screens.

    ...  more
  • Gevi
    Gevi DeepIn Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
    https://gevi.com/collections/vacuum-cleaners/products/gevi-deepin-cordless-vacuum-cleaner?variant=45474107523378 />
    #vacuum #cleaner #lightweight #cordless

    Robust suction power, efficient HEPA filtration, and...  more
  • cence .com
    CH260R 6x1000mL High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
    https://www.cencelab.com/products/ch260r-6x1000ml-high-speed-refrigerated-centrifuge.html /> #ultracentrifuge #vacuum
    Centrifuge CH260R has obtained a number of patented technologies. It is the latest...  more
    AC Type Vacuum Suction Lifter
    https://www.remcortechnology.com/products/ac-type-vacuum-suction-lifter.html />
    #vacuum #paver #lifter

    The electric type of vacuum suction device can be applied in feeding and blanking of the glass, sheet metal, marble, etc....  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    Vacuum Moulding
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/vacuum-moulding.html /> #vacuum #injection #molding
    Vacuum Moulding Plastic to the use of the original template to make a silica gel mold in the vacuum state, and pour it with PU material in the vacuum...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Vacuum Casting Service

    Vacuum casting service is to make use of the 3D printing SLA or CNC model sample, like the vacuum casting metal. Vacuum casting factory Proto-mold will do the silica gel mold in the vacuum state situation, and then we will pouring...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Vacuum Casting Plastic

    Vacuum casting process: free mold opening, low production cost, forming speed, high processing accuracy, support small batch customization and other characteristics, which can greatly reduce the product research and development...  more
  • solarlaminator
    Single-layer & Double-chamber Solar Panel Laminator #solar #panel #vacuum #laminator This system is intelligently controlled by a solenoid valve and PLC, touch screen operation and data display, and equipped with a mechanical vacuum pressure gauge and...  more
  • airbest com
    https://www.airbest.com/products/flower-shape-suction-cups/ /> #small #vacuum #suction #cups
    AIRBEST flower shape suction cup is with ultra-thin soft sealing lip and it is suitable for handling soft packaging...  more
  • airbest com
    https://www.airbest.com/products/flat-suction-cups/ /> #flat #vacuum #suction #cups
    Flat suction cups are particularly suited for handing flat workpieces. Suction cups grip the workpiece fast and precisely due...  more
  • airbest com
    https://www.airbest.com/products/conveying-vacuum-generator/ /> #venturi #vacuum #generator
    AIRBEST conveying vacuum generators handle workpieces with high permeability, particle, powder, gas and...  more
  • airbest com
    https://www.airbest.com/products/combined-type-vacuum-grippers/ /> #foam #vacuum #grippers
    AIRBEST vacuum gripper-combined type is mainly used in the packaging industry, such as intelligent warehousing,...  more
  • airbest com
    https://www.airbest.com/products/combined-type-vacuum-generator/ /> #2 #cfm #vacuum #pump
    AIRBEST combined vacuum generator is widely used in all kinds of vacuum systems.

  • airbest com
    https://www.airbest.com/products/blower-type-vacuum-grippers/ /> #vacuum #gripper #in #robotics
    Because of its light weight, AIRBEST vacuum gripper-blower type is very suitable for robots.

    BLOWER TYPE...  more
  • dehaiyouli
    Silicone Membrane For Vacuum Press
    https://www.dehaiyouli.com/products/silicone-membrane-for-vacuum-press.html /> #silicone #sheet #for #vacuum #press
    If you need to customize silicone membranes for vacuum presses or other laminating machines, DHAYL is a...  more
  • Ray Kol

    #evaporator #vacuum #system

    Raykol vacuum evaporation equipment is an ideal solution for analytical laboratories. In the analysis of environmental pollutants and food safety, technology of rapid concentration with no loss of...  more
  • xinpin model
    What is Vacuum Casting?

    #vacuum #casting #factory

    Vacuum casting is also called urethane casting. It is a copy technique formed by silicone mold to produce a small batch of functional parts. It is a great way to get parts with good surface detail and...  more
  • SOXI
    The main machine and the hopper adopt a separate design, which can be matched with more than 2 hoppers for one-to-many conveying, which improves the raw material conveying capacity, and the raw material conveying capacity reaches 700...  more
  • Zhongtai
    Vacuum furnace graphite has good vacuum performance, thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, increased strength with the increase of temperature, good processing technology, and low cost, so it is a kind of high-quality and low-cost...  more
  • Golmate
    Modern high-gloss surface

    With stainless steel handle

    With double-walled stainless-steel liner

    Ideal for coffee filter pod systems and automatic coffee machines

    Can also be used as an water and coffee cup

    Specification of 300ml Food Grade Stainless...  more
  • freedynamics
    Effortlessly Floor Smart Cleaning Robot Solution
    https://www.freedynamics.com/robot-vacuum-cleaner-solution/ />
    #vacuum #cleaner #application

    For All Types Of Floors
    Help you enjoy life without the burden of housework

    Vacuum Cleaner Application
    When you...  more
  • freedynamics
    Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    https://www.freedynamics.com/products/laser-robot-vacuum-cleaner/ />
    #which #robot #vacuum #has #the #best #mapping

    Our laser robot vacuum cleaner adopts advanced lidar scanning technology to realize accurate mapping. Our robot...  more
  • bfm tech
    Baofumei Vacuum Cleaner Company
    https://www.bfm-tech.com/products/car-cleaning-vacuum-cleaner/ />
    #vacuum #cleaner #company

    The vehicle vacuum cleaner is a kind of vacuum cleaner with a compact design and easy to store in the car, mostly wireless. This...  more
  • ThermicEdge Ltd
    Why Vacuum Heating is Right for Your Industrial Application? What Benefits it Provides?

    A vacuum heating process includes a vacuum sealing unit and a furnace inside that creates a heating chamber with vacuum environment, thus rendering the requisite...  more
  • raycastings
    Vacuum Investment Casting
    https://www.raycastings.com/products/vacuum-investment-casting.html /> #vacuum #investment #casting

    Vacuum investment casting is one of the precision investment casting methods. This special technic is mainly applying to...  more
  • raycastings
    Vacuum Die Casting
    https://www.raycastings.com/products/vacuum-die-casting.html /> #vacuum #die #casting

    The vacuum casting, as this name indicates, is casting method which the major processes including the melting, pouring, solidifying are performed...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    In order to meet the requirements of small batch production and material performance, we provide vacuum molding for customers.

    This is similar to the processing method of custom plastic injection mould. Products can use any material, such as ABS, PC,...  more
  • kisinhomuvcoating
    Vacuum Spraying Production Line
    https://www.kisinhom-uvcoating.com/products/vacuum-spraying-production-line.html />
    #vacuum #uv

    Marble UV coating fiber cement board UV roller coater production line can widely in building material, outside the room and...  more
  • bfm tech
    Vacuum Cleaner Company

    #stick #vacuum #cleaner #price

    Stick vacuum cleaners have become more and more popular in recent years. Most stick vacuum cleaners are cordless and rechargeable. They are characterized by small size and convenient use. And...  more
  • bfm tech

    #mini #vacuum #cleaner #cordless

    Mini Cordless Battery Power Car Vacuum Cleaner
    This mini battery-operated vacuum cleaner has double-layer filtration and purification, the first layer initially intercepts large particles of dust, and the second...  more
  • bfm tech
    Vacuum Cleaner Company

    #vacuum #cleaner #for #seats

    The vehicle vacuum cleaner is a kind of vacuum cleaner with a compact design and easy to store in the car, mostly wireless. This vacuum cleaner is very suitable for cleaning car interior seats,...  more
  • bfm tech
    Vacuum Cleaner Company

    #vacuum #mites #cleaner

    The mattress vacuum cleaner is a deep cleaning product evolved from a vacuum cleaner. In addition to vacuuming, it also has the functions of flapping, ultraviolet sterilization, and hot air drying. This...  more
  • bfm tech
    Vacuum Cleaner

    #vacuum #cleaner #wholesale

    The electric vacuum cleaner is originated in England and has a history of 100 years. For many people, the electric vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable household device for obvious reasons. We provide...  more
  • bfm tech

    #quiet #hand #vacuum

    Low Noise Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Home Use
    This quiet handheld vacuum cleaner guarantees its own noise reduction ability while maintaining high suction power. At the same time, this silent handheld vacuum cleaner...  more
    Baofumei VC-B31 Quiet Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Home Use
  • bfm tech

    #strong #portable #vacuum #cleaner

    Powerful Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Home Use
    Powerful Hand-held vacuum cleaners are small in size and very convenient to carry and use. A household cleaning product between ordinary household vacuum cleaners...  more
    Baofumei VC-B21 Powerful Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Home Use
  • Julia Gui
    Vacuum Coffee Pot #stainless #steel #vacuum #pot One-key water pouring function, easy to open, effectively avoid hot water steam hands; PP material, easy to clean: food grade PP material, easy to clean, health and environmental protection, silicone...  more
  • Julia Gui
    Vacuum Air Pot #vacuum #canteen SUS304 stainless steel liner: sturdier and more durable than traditional glass liner; Clean processing, not easy to adhere to materials; Only vacuum layer between the inner and outer gallbladder, heat preservation and...  more
  • Julia Gui
    Vacuum Flask #ss #vacuum #flask With the development of transportation technology, traveling and business trips have become more and more common. It has a temperature cup with both appearance level and high performance food level safety. It is...  more
  • Julia Gui
    Vacuum Food Jar #stainless #steel #vacuum #food Stainless steel heat preservation stewing pot, long effect heat preservation, smooth mouth design, stainless steel material, sealed and leakproof. The built-in spoon gives you a comfortable experience...  more
  • Julia Gui
    Vacuum Cup #steel #vacuum #cup Stainless steel vacuum cup, simple and generous, practical. Use food grade PP material cup and sealing silicone pad, healthy drinking water, sealing and leakproof;The drawstring design is easy to carry and comfortable...  more
  • Julia Gui
    SVP-I Coffee Vacuum Insulated Jug #vacuum #insulated #jug SVP-I coffee vacuum insulated jugs are made of SUS304 stainless steel. All of the plastic parts come from food contact PP or silicone, which is very safe and healthy. Our vacuum coffee pots...  more
  • Julia Gui
    Coffee Pot With Glass Refill #stainless #steel #vacuum #jug With the high-quality borosilicate glass liner, SOLIDWARE's coffee pots with glass refill can greatly improve the strength of the line and have better thermal insulation performance; The...  more
    What is the Vacuum Casting?

    #vacuum #mould #casting

    The vacuum casting technology which uses prototype (SLA laser rapid prototyping piece, CNC products) to make silicone mold under vacuum, and is poured under vacuum conditions, such as PU, ABS, etc....  more
  • peiyangchem
    Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU): further distills the residue oil from the bottom of the crude oil distillation unit. The vacuum distillation is performed at a pressure well below atmospheric pressure. The vacuum distillation unit is widely used to...  more
  • Our custom carbon fiber parts bring upscale performance and high-tech appearance for your manufacturing needs. Carbon fibre products can be ordered from low-volume prototypes to high-volume production runs. Many industries use carbon fiber parts,...  more
  • Shally  Warner
    Get Reliable Ultrasound Leak detection System With Premier Supplier

    Ludeca Inc is one of the best #premier #suppliers that offers one of the best #ultrasound #leak #detection #systems. Their ultrasound leak detection #solution is specially made to...  more
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