• egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/hvac-solenoid-valve/ />
    #hvac #solenoid #valve

    Egret series HVAC solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve, used to control the refrigerant or water autonomously and remotely in the air...  more
  • Key to
    Rocker Diaphragm Solenoid Valve 1013 #rocker #solenoid 1013 series solenoid valve is Independent research and development, manufacturing and production by Keyto. https://en.keyto.com/products/rocker-diaphragm-solenoid-valve-1013/
  • Geko com
    GEKO SS Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves With NAMUR
    GKV610C5 flameproof solenoid valve has satisfied NAMUR connection plate and tube connected to two kinds of assembly requirements, but also with the two five-way and two-way function. Does not require any...  more
  • Geko com
    GEKO Solenoid Valves (General Type)
    GEKO's electromagnetic directional valve is used for electric control operation of pneumatic valve opening or closing. It conforms to the NAMUR connection standard and is directly installed at the air supply interface...  more
  • Geko com
    GEKO Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves
    GEKO Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves---GKV510C5 performs switching actions based on DC or AC signals and adopts explosion-proof structure.

    Characteristics of GEKO Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves

    - The...  more
  • runze fluid
    High-Pressure Solenoid Valve is a type of switching valve with rotor and stator but works same as common solenoid valves, the difference is that it anti-high pressure for 2 way, 3 way, 4 way all the configurations, besides it is designed with signal...  more
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