• cmncompressor
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    #low #pressure #screw #air #compressor
    The working principle of the pure oil-free...  more
  • Dgchemtech
    Static Mixer
    https://www.dgchemtech.com/products/static-mixer/ />
    #high #pressure #static #mixer
    The high-efficiency staticmixer without moving parts has the advantages of small floor space and low maintenance cost.

    Characteristics of Static...  more
  • creativesz
    Lepu Armfit BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
    https://www.creative-sz.com/products/lepu-armfit-bp2-smart-blood-pressure-monitor/ />
    #armfit #blood #pressure #monitor #with #ecg
    Lepu Armfit BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
    Track Your Health Easily:...  more
  • Micro Sensor
    Find Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Looking for a differential pressure transmitter? MicroSensor is here to help you. MicroSensor is a supplier of pressure transmitters, flow sensors, and pressure sensors for different industries. We provide a wide...  more
  • egret mfg
    https://www.egretmfg.com/products/manual-reset-pressure-switch/ />
    #manual #reset #pressure #switch

    Egret BLPS-YKM series of manual reset pressure controllers are suitable for overpressure protection of all types of air...  more
  • lenel clutch
    Man Brand Auto Clutch Plate #car #clutch #pressure #plate Lenel's Man Brand engine clutch plates use in clutch plate factory processing. Our manufacturing team has supplied many types of clutch pressure plates to overseas and abroad automotive clutch...  more
  • Philip Thompson
    High Pressure Water Jetting Stockport

    https://jetflowdrainservices.wordpress.com/2022/06/16/high-pressure-water-jetting-stockport/ />
    Do you find it inconvenient when your drain gets plugged? If that’s the case, you can rest easy to connect with Jet...  more
  • Geko com
    Gauge Valves And Fittings
    General Instrument Valves and Fittings:

    Product sizes from 1/16" to 2", with maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi and temperature ranges from -65°F to 1200°F.

    Optional materials include Stainless Steel, Alloy, Nylon, and...  more
  • Tianguang
    Widely used in various occasions requiring force measurement and process monitoring.
    Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor
    The pressure sensors produced by Tianguang company can be divided into resistance strain type and...  more
    Portable Blood Pressure Monitor TMB-986 Transtek
    https://www.transtekcorp.com/products/portable-blood-pressure-monitor-tmb-986-transtek/ /> #blood #pressure #tracker
    Portable Blood Pressure Monitor TMB-986 Transtek
    Transtek Comfortable Touch Arm Blood...  more
  • Suhaib Diab
    Windows Cleaning in Calgary is best done by Expert Cleaners

    https://webhitlist.com/profiles/blogs/windows-cleaning-in-calgary-is-best-done-by-expert-cleaners />
    It can be challenging to keep your property looking hospitable and sophisticated. Dust,...  more
  • Aluminium Die Casting #high #pressure #aluminum #casting Advantages of Our Aluminum Die Casting Services
    Die-cast parts weighing 4 g- 20,000 g, max size up to 1,000mm*1,000m
    Die casting machines with up to 1850 tons clamping force
    Finishing in...  more
  • Anton Genov
    Hire a Professional Service For Patio Cleaning in Cobham

    https://61e6e4ed3a4b6.site123.me/articles/hire-a-professional-service-for-patio-cleaning-in-cobham />
    Most homeowners use pressure washing for patio cleaning in Cobham because they desire to prepare...  more
  • lansoinstruments
    Our current line of an instrument used to measure pressure features Gas Density Monitor Series, Pressure Gauges and Meters, Differential Gauges, Diaphragms and Valves, Online Monitoring Systems, Filling Fluids and Accessories. Primary clients industries...  more
  • lansoinstruments
    Bourdon-tube manometers are devices for measuring pressure that is widely used in various circumstances to measure the pressure of the gas and liquid medium with high precision and easy reading advantages. Diaphram devices can be added to assist the...  more
  • Anton Genov
    Enhance the Longevity of Your Home Through Pressure Washing in Teddington

    https://nospots.jimdosite.com/ />
    You never face disappointment when you call upon a professional service for window cleaning in Teddington. They have enough expertise and...  more
  • Anton Genov
    4 Reasons to Choose a Pressure Washing Service in Teddington

    https://slides.com/nospots/4-reasons-to-choose-a-pressure-washing-service-in-teddington/ />
    If you desire to hire a service for patio cleaning in Teddington for a clear and better experience,...  more
  • RSJ Drains
    Sanitize your place with high-pressure washing in North London✔️

    https://rsjdrains.jimdosite.com/ />
    High-pressure cleaning in North London is the modern exterior washing technique that has swiftly become one of the most popular techniques of cleaning...  more
  • Suhaib Diab
    Restore your home's charm with full house cleaning in Calgary

    https://goldenangelco1.weebly.com/ />
    Bringing experts of pressure washing in Calgary for your property may seem to be an extravagance if you are unfamiliar with the perks, but that should be a...  more
  • Joseph Keto
    How to Clean All The Dust and Debris After Heavy Construction Work

    https://medium.com/@torontoprocleans/how-to-clean-all-the-dust-and-debris-after-heavy-construction-work-7622ef292fa5 />
    You can get it sorted by finding the best Post Construction...  more
  • lenel clutch
    MAN Brand Clutch Disc
    Types of Clutch Disc Suitable for MAN Brand #pressure #plate #parts According to the operation mode, there are four types of mechanically operated friction clutches, electromagnetically operated friction clutches, hydraulically...  more
  • macypan
    Hyperbaric chamber is divided into monoplace oxygen chamber and multiplace oxygen chamber according to the different number of people treated in the chamber. #high #pressure #oxygen #chamber
  • Zhuji Innovate Knitting Co.,Ltd
    Custom Airline Airplane Socks Manufacturer

    #pressure #socks #for #air #travel

    Using pressure therapy to help lower-limb venous return is the most common method used by specialists, which is the principle of airline airplane socks. The airline socks are...  more
  • dhxg luetape
    #pressure #sensitive #tape #manufacturers

    PSA's full name is a pressure-sensitive adhesive. PSA is an emulsion adhesive of acrylic resin, which has good adhesion for plastic, metal, glass, paperboard, etc. It is widely used...  more
  • Gc medica
    Disposable Pressure Infuser
    #Disposable #Pressure #Infuser
    Features of Disposable Pressure Infuser

    Each bag offers an oval-shaped bulb to ease inflation of the bladder as well as a transparent front panel to allow visual checking of fluids.

    They also...  more
  • Xqy Billie
    Mining Pressure Gauge
    Mining pressure gauges are produced and designed in compliance with EN837-1 standard for the mining industry. Mainly used for simple pressure measurement of liquids, vapour and gases, that do not have corrosive effect on copper...  more
  • Xqy Billie
    Mini Medical High Pressure Oxygen Gauge 4000psi
    Mini high pressure medical gauge which is 4000psi for oil free, oxygen use, diameter is 1 inch.
    Specifications of Mini Medical High Pressure Oxygen Gauge 4000psi
    Dial 1.25” or 1.5” white aluminum with...  more
  • Xqy Billie
    Mini Medical High Pressure Oxygen Gauge 3000psi With UL Certificate
    1.25 inch diameter high pressure 3000psi with UL certificate, oxygen gauge used for no oil tank for the medical company.

    Specifications of Mini Medical High Pressure Oxygen Gauge...  more
  • Xqy Billie
    Mini High Pressure Gauge
    Mini high pressure gauge size is available from 1" to 1.5" realize the small size requirements for the equipment, pressure up to 6000psi, safety for the high pressure performance, GC-BOB is best manufacturer for this high...  more
  • Xqy Billie
    Medical Pressure Gauge
    Our medical pressure gauges are in GC-BOB medical gauges can be found on angioplasty inflation devices, anesthesia equipment, medical regulators, respiratory equipment, dental systems, and more in daily use in clinics and hospitals...  more
  • Xqy Billie
    Lpg Gas Pressure Gauge
    Lpg, propane gas testing device, 35mm back entry lpg copper propane tank nature gas safety pressure gauge.

    Specifications of Lpg Gas Pressure Gauge
    Dial 1.5” /35mm
    Case material Copper Alloy
    Wetted parts Copper Alloy
    Tube Copper...  more
  • Xqy Billie
    Intelligent IOT Pressure Gauge
    Our intelligent IOT system which is designed according to customer requirement, serve for the customer to collect the data to measuring monitoring and process controlling in the intelligent building, smart factory, smart...  more
  • Joseph Keto
    5 Mandatory Tips for Post Construction Cleaning!

    https://torontoproclean.wordpress.com/ />
    When you choose to get a tidy appeal of the newly constructed place, air duct cleaning in Etobicoke is often recommended by experts. This will help you get a...  more
  • Xingwu Lu
    Fitness & Health Smart Watch

    #fitness #tracker #watch #with #blood #pressure #and #heart #rate #monitor #v7

    To learn more about ourselves, our fitness and health indicators are becoming a kind of demand and trend of modern people. Adopting...  more
  • runze fluid
    High-Pressure Solenoid Valve is a type of switching valve with rotor and stator but works same as common solenoid valves, the difference is that it anti-high pressure for 2 way, 3 way, 4 way all the configurations, besides it is designed with signal...  more
  • kesdiecasting
    KES has always been committed to producing high-quality zinc and aluminum alloy high pressure die-casting products, adhering to keeping pace with the times, reform, and innovation; at the same...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description
    The model 175 Series high accuracy pressure transducers/transmitters are low-range differential pressure transducers and transmitters. Each unit features a push-activated ZERO function and an associated LED lamp indicator. With a...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description

    Model 168 series intrinsically safe pressure transducers are low range differential pressure transducers and transmitters with NEMA 4 (IP-65) rated aluminum enclosures. They are very rugged and very reliable, good for many industrial...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description
    Model 167 series negative pressure sensors are low range differential pressure transducers and transmitters. It was specially designed for 35mm DIN Rail Mount, which dramatically reduces the required mounting space and installation...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description
    Model 166 series cost effective pressure transducer are low range differential pressure transducers and transmitters. It features a flame retardant plastic enclosure with a metal backing. The unique design makes it can be used at...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description
    The Model 165 Series capacitive pressure transducer for building energy management systems, environmental pollution control, oven pressurization, lab and fume hood control, HVAC and VAV applications.

    The Model 165 Series capacitive...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description
    The Model 164 Series pressure sensor ranges vary from 0.1 in w.c. to 100 in w.c. unidirectional and 0.05 in w.c. to 50 in w.c. bidirectional. Wiring time is reduced with the removeable terminal block. Each unit is fully protected...  more
  • alphainstruments
    The Model 162 Differential Pressure Transmitter can withstand up to 15 psig overpressure with no damage to the unit. Variable capacitance sensor design provides excellent sensitivity and long-term stability. Compact, lightweight design makes installation...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description
    The low cost Model 161 Series are low range differential pressure transducers and transmitters. Each unit features a stainless steel pressure sensor, a stainless steel back cover and a plastic enclosure, which meets the NEMA 1...  more
  • Die Casting

    #low #pressure #permanent #mold #casting

    Over 20 years, Premium die casting has been dedicated to providing companies with superior die casting parts and die cast toolings, along with surface finishing and CNC machining through state of...  more
  • LC Rapid is an expert of best injection molding companies in advanced technology when it comes to plastic injection mold manufacturing. With advanced technology, high quality plastic material, good quality control process, decades of manufacturing...  more

    #high #pressure #paint #sprayer

    Application of High Pressure Spray Gun
    The high-pressure spray gun is suitable for large-area high-quality spraying of high-viscosity coatings. It can be used to spray truck frames, trains,...  more
    High Pressure Paint Sprayer, Best Affordable Price From Factory
  • Pressure Transmitter

    #explosion #proof #pressure #transmitter

    Best Quality Pressure Transmitter Manufacturer
    The pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into pneumatic signal or electric signal for control and remote transmission. It...  more
    Pressure Transmitter Types, Pressure Transducer/Indicator/Sensor
  • Multi-silicone Dish Brushes

    #pressure #cooker #factory

    Silicone products are good but not expensive, environmentally friendly, and easier to clean. Resistant to temperature (-40 to 250 degrees), can be used directly in the oven, can be used to wash...  more
    Silicone Pot Scrubber, Silicone Scouring Pad Manufacturer | Tuol
  • Mini Pressure Cooker

    #miniature #pressure #cooker

    This type of Mini Pressure Cooker boasts its compact design, fashionable appearance, low price, easy-to-store design, and simple operation. It is a popular product in South Korea and Japan and has a...  more
    Stainless Steel Mini Pressure Cooker For Sale, China Mnufacturer