• aupins tech
    Energy Storage Socket Connector

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    Energy Storage Socket Connector
    The new energy storage connector sockets conform to international standards. AP designs an easy locking mechanism to ensure a reliable connection.

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  • jayuan solution
    Type2 AC EV charging Socket #type #2 #charging #socket Jayuan AC Type2 EV charging socket is used for the home charging station as well as directly mounted wall socket for EV charging. Slow charging option is available and it's suitable to connect to...  more
  • jayuan solution
    JAYUAN EV Charging Socket #ev #socket #types EV charging connector needs to be attached to the wall-mounted EV charging socket types or fixed charging station EV socket types to charge the vehicle. There are different standards of the EV charger sockets...  more
  • AG Electrical Felix Xu
    TYPE2 AC EV Charging Socket

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    Mechanical Properties
    Mechanical life: no-load plug>10000
    Insertion force: 1000MΩ(DC500V)
    Pins temperature rise:<50K
    Withstand voltage: 2000V
    Contact impedance: 0.5mΩMax
    Applied Materials
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    Type 2 AC EV Charging Socket, IEC 62196 Socket
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