• Novatron
    EAS Pin
    https://www.novatron-cn.com/products/eas-pin/ />
    #58khz #eas #pin #ink #tag
    The EAS pin is a small, plastic or metal pin that consists of a sharp pointed end and a flat or rounded head. The pointed end is designed to penetrate the fabric or...  more
  • zettlernb zettlernb
    12V Automotive Relay JTV4
    https://www.zettlernb.com/products/12v-automotive-relay-jtv4/ /> #4 #pin #relay

    40A switching capability

    1 From A &1 Form C contact arrangement

    Plastic sealed and dust protected types available

    ROHS & ELV complian

    Features...  more
  • yp promotion
    Lanyard Medal For Sale
    https://www.yppromotion.com/products/medal-with-lanyard/ /> #lapel #pin

    Medals with lanyard are given to the winners of various competitions and activities. They are usually made of metal. In sports competitions, there are gold,...  more
  • TenonSmart Lock

    #pin #code #smart #lock

    Automatic Digital Lock / Automatic Door Lock / Automatic Screen Lock / Digital Pin Code Lock / Door Automatically Lock / Fingerprint Lock / Push-pull Smart...  more
  • aupins tech
    Energy Storage Socket Connector

    #connector #pin #socket

    Energy Storage Socket Connector
    The new energy storage connector sockets conform to international standards. AP designs an easy locking mechanism to ensure a reliable connection.

    Features of...  more
  • xinpin model
    Outstanding Prototyping Services from Xin Pin

    #xin #pin

    Xin Pin dedicated to provides high-quality products and services, and also meets the procurement needs of customers of different sizes by CNC Machining, 3D printing, Metal Sheet, Vacuum Casting,...  more
  • wiremachinecn wiremachinecn
    Nail making machine can make steel wire into nails of different specifications. As one of nail making machine manufacturers, Metal Tech offers fine nail making machine for sale to meet high standard of customers. #nail #pin #making #machine ...  more
  • rishengmagnets
    Push Pin Magnets
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/push-pin-magnets.html /> #neodymium #push #pin #magnets
    Push pin magnets are innovative and wonderful products for home, school, office, warehouse, and other more places, they can hold all kinds of...  more
  • sz ceres
    Custom WiFi Module
    #custom #pin #wifi
    Custom WiFi Module
    Ceres customized pin WIFI network module is widely used in industry, home, data acquisition, and other fields. As a profissional wireless network manufacturer, we can meet your any requirement. If...  more
  • Quintero Solutions
  • langrunconnector
    20 Pin Automotive Connector Housing
    20 pin automotive connector housing are same as other automotive connector, the main function is to provide mechanical protection for the built-in insulation board mounting plate and pin insertion. The connector is...  more
  • langrunconnector
    18 Pin Automotive Connector Housing
    18 pin automotive connector housing connect with the wire harness and assemble in the different place inside the vehicle. They are widely used in car, truck and bus.

    There are 2 types of 18 pin automotive connector...  more

    #metal #lapel #pin #badges

    Custom Enamel Pins Manufacturer

    Manufactured to the highest standards by using jewelry-quality material and enamels, Pinstar’s qualification custom made enamel pins are a visible recognition of...  more
    Custom Enamel Pins No Minimum, Quality Enamel Lapel Pins Maker M
  • Staple Making Machine
    Staple production line totally has three machine: Wire flattening machine, Wire gluing machine and staple forming machine. Our machine can produce different size of staple pin which is used for office and industry ( home decoration,...  more
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