• etcn business
    Welding #flux #welding #sheet #metal Medical supplies, laser welded forming, beautiful appearance, firm, flat welding seam, no welding rod, and flux welding sheet metal is needed. As a professional welding and metal fabrication company, ETCN also...  more
  • fluxes for magnesium alloy

    #magnesium #flux

    Magnesium alloy has a low melting point and small heat capacity. When heated in the air, it gets oxidized fast, and it is easy to burn when overheated. When in a melting state without any flux, it can be...  more
  • raw materials for aluminium foundry
    #Flux #coating #material
    Flux coating material refers to the material which can separate metal from mineral by forming a low melting point slag layer while interacting with the rocks and harmful impurities in the...  more
  • Sodium free refining flux

    #refining #flux

    General Description:
    Aluminum alloys containing more than 2 % magnesium become brittle with sodium.
    Feature: This flux is a compact covering and cleaning granulated flux to remove the sodium in the aluminum...  more
  • Powder Refining Flux

    #aluminium #flux #powder

    Powder Refining Flux (SATA-PF-330)
    General Description of Powder Refining Flux (SATA-PF-330)
    For aluminium alloys, since the Al has strong chemical activity, the inclusions and gases are easily generated...  more
  • Granulated fused refining fluxes

    #Granular #Flux

    General Introduction:
    SATA granulated fused refining flux is a eutectic salt composed of mgcl2 anhydrous and potassium or sodium chloride. Which can removes alkali metal(sodium, calcium, lithium) and...  more
  • Drossing Flux

    #drossing #flux #for #aluminum

    Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)
    Description of Drossing Flux (SATA-PF-310)
    SATA drossing flux is specially developed for removing the slag from the aluminium melt before or after refining procedure. It is for...  more
  • Degassing Flux

    #aluminum #degassing #flux

    Degassing Flux (SATA-PF-350)
    General Description of Degassing Flux (SATA-PF-350)
    Practice has proved that the hydrogen is the main cause of the pores in the aluminium alloy, the pores not only reduce the actual...  more
  • Cover Flux

    #cover #flux #for #aluminium

    General Description of Cover Flux (SATA-PF-340)
    The aluminium melt is extremely easy oxidation and inhale when it is in melting. A flux is required to have low melting, low density, good humidity, and can form a...  more
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