• yxtechco
    Hot-dip Galvanizing #hot #dip #galvanizing #coating Hot-dip galvanizing: also called hot galvanizing. It is an effective method of metal anti-corrosion. It melts zinc ingots at high temperatures, puts in some auxiliary materials, and then immerses the...  more
  • txhmachine
    ANTI-CORROSION AND INSULATED STEEL PIPE PRODUCTION LINE #coal #tar #epoxy #pipe #coating An anti-corrosion and insulated internal pipe coating machine production line is a specialized system used for manufacturing steel pipes that are resistant to...  more
  • txhmachine
    3PE ANTI-CORROSION STEEL PIPE PRODUCTION LINE #coating #3lpe Bucket elevator equipped with reducer for steel shot circulation. And set up the top bin for pellet sand separation, throwing head feed. Pneumatic ball valve is installed to improve...  more
  • Harkirat Singh
    Engage industry professionals for interior detailing in Surrey

    https://spotlesscarwash.blog2learn.com/68368231/engage-industry-professionals-for-interior-detailing-in-surrey />
    If you want to protect your vehicle paint, you should not hesitate to get...  more
  • Harkirat Singh
    Get long-lasting sheen and scratch resistance with ceramic coating in Surrey

    https://spotlesscarwash.mailchimpsites.com/ />
    Hiring an interior cleaning service will help reduce the chances of mold growth and also help prevent allergies. Professionals...  more
  • Ramseier Koatings
    Powder Coating System

    Ramseier Koatings is the leading metal powder coating system supplier offering high quality machines. The company is known for its technical expertise and superior customer service, which makes it an easy choice for customers who...  more
  • Harkirat Singh
    Are you looking to get cost-effective solutions for interior cleaning in Langley?

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    Professionals thoroughly cleanse both the inside and outside of your car. Therefore, keeping your vehicle shiny and clean with a...  more
  • Harkirat Singh
    Improves the condition of your vehicle with auto detailing in Surrey

    https://sites.google.com/view/spotlesscarwash/ />
    If you are looking for a fast and convenient way of car washing, you should connect with experts in the industry. You will discover your...  more
  • sibaicnc
    Black Oxide Coating #cold #black #oxide #coating Soak the workpiece after removing oil stains and rust with water and put it in the blackening solution for 1-3 minutes. The workpiece can be taken out after the color of the workpiece is uniform and...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/electrophoresis-coating/ />
    #black #electrophoretic #coating

    Electrophoresis coating can be called electrocoating, e-coating, electrophoretic painting, and probably a few other things. In any case, the...  more
  • hunkmachining com
    Agriculture is closely related to metalworking processes.

    Modern agriculture is extremely efficient, largely thanks to a well-developed metal processing industry. The application of modern processing technology to agricultural machinery manufacturing...  more
  • Ramseier Koatings
    Powder Coating Equipment

    Ramseier Koatings Technologies carries a large range of powder coating equipment for various industrial applications. We distribute and service various brands of powder coating systems for your convenience. We look forward to...  more
  • Ramseier Koatings
    Buy Powder Coating System

    Ramseier Koatings Technologies is a powder coating system manufacturer, who does offer services that include powder coating and powder spraying services. The company provides its clients with a large variety of products which...  more
  • richconncnc com
    https://www.richconn-cnc.com/powder-coating/ />
    #qpc #powder #coating

    The atomized paint is sprayed on the metal surface and solidified after high-temperature baking to form the effects of anti-corrosion, anti scratch and beautifying the...  more
  • es color
    Jiangsu East steel has been committed to environmental protection, reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions in the production process, and has set strict standards in the selection of raw materials, air purification process and production...  more
  • Harry Joseph
    Crystal Tang
    Underwater Curing Epoxy Coating
    https://www.paint-in-china.com/products/underwater-curing-paint/ /> #industrial #coating #paint
    Underwater curing coatings are two-component, formulated with special resins, extender pigments, fillers and curing agents. Its...  more
  • Crystal Tang
    Underwater Curing Epoxy Coating
    https://www.paint-in-china.com/products/underwater-curing-paint/ /> #industrial #coating #paint
    Underwater curing coatings are two-component, formulated with special resins, extender pigments, fillers and curing agents. Its...  more
  • Crystal Tang
    Solvent-Free Polyurethane Anticorrosive Coating
    https://www.paint-in-china.com/products/solvent-free-polyurethane-anticorrosive-coating/ /> #paint #coating #companies
    It is a two-component modified polyurethane coating that can be tolerant with rust, wet,...  more
  • ruiyuanpress
    Metal Coater
    https://www.ruiyuanpress.com/products/metal-coating-machine/ /> #coating #machine #factory
    RUIYUAN has been a designer and manufacturer of metal printing and coating equipment for over 20 years, This machine features high precision, versatile...  more
  • kisinhomuvcoating
    Roller Coating Machine

    https://www.kisinhom-uvcoating.com/products/roller-coating-machine/ />
    #coating #roller

    These machines are suitable for any flat surface(such as panel furniture, engineering floor, plastic decoration board, metal board, etc....  more
  • raw materials for aluminium foundry
    #Flux #coating #material
    Flux coating material refers to the material which can separate metal from mineral by forming a low melting point slag layer while interacting with the rocks and harmful impurities in the...  more
  • Amy Wu
    Fluoro Silanes #fluorosilane #coating Fluoroalkyl Silanes, Fluoro Functional Silanes, Fluoro Silane Coupling Agents

    SiSiB is worldwide leading supplier of organosilanes for over 30 years. SiSiB fluorosilane can provide excellent hydrophobic...  more
  • Irfan Rasul
    How to Protect Your Car From Damage

    https://sites.google.com/view/arexclusivecarcare/ />
    If you want a protection layer on your car which is a layer of chemical polymer in solution form you can go for ceramic paint protection in Glasgow. This layer will...  more
    How to Protect Your Car From Damage
  • Crystal Tang
    Epoxy Zinc-rich Shop Primer
    #zinc #rich #epoxy #coating
    Epoxy zinc-rich shop primer is a two-component self-drying paint, composed of epoxy resin, special resin, zinc dust, additives and solvents, and the other component is an amine curing agent. The...  more
  • hypoptics
    Cold & Hot Mirror
    #hot #mirror #coating
    Heat mirrors and cold mirrors are special bandpass filters that can reflect infrared light and ultraviolet light and only allow visible light to pass through, also known as heat-absorbing filters, also known as IR...  more
  • Andrea Smith
    Get asphalt sealcoating beeville tx

    The #sealcoating provides your #driveway or #parking lot with a protective layer. It's a #shield that helps to protect the elements against it. This is especially #important because we are closer to the winter months...  more
    UV rapid cure
    secondary moisture cure
    one-component, 100% solid content
    low viscosity
    -55℃~120℃ temperature resistance: -55~120℃

    GOLOHO-L213 is a single component, UV-moisture curable, acrylated polyurethane...  more
    ·Convenient to use: organic silicon modified polyurethane type, good waterproof, easy to repair.
    ·Neutral, no corrosion for many metals, anti-yellowing. Outstanding bond strength for hard to bond materials without the...  more
  • Leveraging upon our experience, we have become a prominent Anti-Algae & Anti-Fouling Coatings (RTV-ZB) Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in China and rest of the world. Applicable for flash-over & algae prevention, our well-formulated anti algae...  more
  • we are main Silicone Rubber Coating Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of affordable range of Anti-Blasting & Anti-Spatter Coatings world-over. Our range comprising of Anti-Blasting (FB-PRTV), Anti-Spatter Coating (FB-PRTV) etc. is reckoned for its...  more
  • The silicone rubber insulation coating is made from special silicone rubber, high-performance material and other polymers by polymer blending technology. Its basic structural unit is silicon - oxygen chain while its side chain is connected by silicone...  more
  • Enhanced Anti-pollution Flashover Coating RTV-IIA functional insulator coating to protect insulators in pollution area, such as industrial area, coastal area and other extreme environmental conditions, also can be used in normal environmental...  more
  • Teflon fiberglass in thickness of 0.024” (0.60mm) is durable and constructed by thick woven fiberglass, then impregnated two sides with PTFE. Color is normally in white or beige. This PTFE fiberglass is commonly used as release sheet and made into PTFE...  more
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