• Paper Straw Making Machine
    https://www.wzcfmachine.com/products/paper-straw-making-machine/ />
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    Environmentally friendly, start with a small paper straw. Our machine to make paper straws uses advanced technology to...  more
  • sotong roup
    As one of the professional biodegradable straw companies, Soton provides customers with various biodegradable drinking straws, including PLA straws, paper straws, wheat straws and reed straws. In addition to the above-mentioned degradable straws, Soton...  more
  • sotong roup
    SOTON's PLA straw is made of Polylactic Acid, which is a natural and completely biodegradable material. The PLA straws can be produced as individually wrapping, flexible, art straw, sharp, spoon-shaped, and customized designs, with a diameter range of...  more
  • Custom Orange Paper Straws
    Shenyu provides you exactly the paper straws you want! Our orange paper straws are perfectly suitable for decorating your special events, such as Christmas, Valentine's day, Halloween, Wedding party, Birthday, and they are...  more
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