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    Endoscopy Related

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    JINSHAN endoscopy related portfolios provide an one-stop service with our innovative, smart and cutting edge endoscopy equipments. From electrosurgery, irrigation, CO2 insufflation and daily tubings,...  more
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    Safe and Steady

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    ENDOLINQ Irrigation Pump
    Designed to deliver powerful, adjustable and steady flow, Endolinq is your ideal choice of Endoscopic Irrigation Pump.
    Your Best Endoscopy AiderFlow adjustments
    Bright LED...  more
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    Link the pump Link the safety

    With one-way valve of irrigation tube and gas filter of CO2 tube, LinqCAP significantly reduces the risks of cross infection

    Improve patient outcomes while increasing procedural efficiency

    Compatible with Olympus...  more
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    Curved Utility Syringe
    https://www.umgroupen.com/products/curved-utility-syringe/ /> #curved #irrigation #syringe
    Feature of Curved Utility Syringe
    Make great additions to any doctor's office for use by nursing professionals and are useful in dental...  more
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    Irrigation Needles

    Multi-angle bent, easy to clean out, can be used for different occasions.
    Different types, clients can choose products according to irrigation part.

    Introduction Of Irrigation Needles
    The irrigation needles are assembled by hub,...  more
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    Cysto/Bladder Irrigation Set
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    Cysto/Bladder Irrigation set is intended for the infusion of fluids to evacuate the bladder. It is also indicated for use in such procedures as cystoscopies and transurethral-resections as a...  more
  • We produce various kinds of irrigation pipe fittings including connectors of irrigation PE pipe, connectors and tee of irrigation PVC pipe, straight irrigation connector, irrigation reducing connector, irrigation male thread connector, irrigation female...  more
  • PE (polyethylene) irrigation pipes are widely used in the field of water supply pipe manufacturing due to their high strength, corrosion resistance, and non-toxic characteristics. Because PE irrigation hose/pipe does not rust, it is an ideal pipe...  more
  • The drip irrigation water filters are an important part of the irrigation system and a long-term reliable basic guarantee for the irrigation system. When designing and selecting a model, comprehensive consideration should be given to the types of...  more
  • The drip irrigation fertilizer system is a substance that combines modern science and technology with the development of the agricultural industry. The fertigation systems for drip irrigation can collect various information such as the growth environment...  more
  • Irrigation disc filter, a thin plastic disc of a specific color is engraved on both sides with a large number of grooves of a certain micro size. A stack of discs of the same pattern is pressed against a specially designed inner support. When the spring...  more
  • Drip irrigation ball valve and sprinkler system ball valve are two types of irrigation control valve that used to open and close pipes in irrigation system valves. Ball valves are characterized by simple and reliable structure, small size, light weight...  more
  • Irrigation system air release valve, also known as drip irrigation air relief valve or irrigation relief valve, is mainly used to regulate the amount of air in the pipeline. Air will inevitably enter the pipeline in the agricultural irrigation system....  more
  • Seapeak is specialized in manufacturing inverted sprinkler.
    Specifications of Inverted Sprinkler
    Color(mm) Yellow Prange Green Red
    Diameter (mm) 1 1.4 1.6 1.8
    Water...  more
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