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    Bonfiglioli Concrete Mixer Truck Reducer

    The reducer is manufactured by Elephant fluid Power Co., Ltd, a famous made in China brand. 575L, 577L, 580L model can be usted to replace Bonfiglioli 575L, 577L, 580L model. We have equivalent quality as the...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    LFB Concentric Shaft Planetary Gearbox
    https://www.laifualgroup.com/products/lfb-concentric-shaft-planetary-gearbox/ /> #hollow #shaft #planetary #gearbox
    High efficiency with no need for input section oil seal

    Compatible with all types of servomotors...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    Laifual Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox
    https://www.laifualgroup.com/products/ />
    #gearbox #drive
    The speed depends on the speed of the input shaft and the difference in the number of teeth between the flexspline and the circular spline. The number...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    Planetary Gearbox
    https://www.laifualgroup.com/products/planetary-gearbox/ /> #planetary #drive #gearbox
    Planetary gearboxes can be powered by either electric motors, hydraulic motors, or petrol or diesel combustion engines. The load from the sun gear in...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    LHT/LHN/LHG Large Diameter Hollow Hole, Flat Shape Harmonic Gearbox
    https://www.laifualgroup.com/products/lht-lhg-large-diameter-hollow-hole-flat-shape-harmonic-gearbox/ /> #hollow #output #shaft #gearbox
    Specification of LHT Large Diameter Hollow Hole,...  more
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    Cooling Tower Gearbox For Marley

    #marley #cooling #tower #gearbox

    Marley gearbox reducer is a kind of reduction equipment used for cooling tower. It adopts two-stage (spiral bevel / spiral) gear to reduce the speed. Its structure is simple and...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    LFB Concentric Shaft Planetary Gearbox Powerful tool in precision positioning with a backlash of less than 0°03'

    Reduction Ratio of this planetary gear shaft: 1/3-1/100

    Backlash: 0.05° (within 3 min)

    Main features of LFB series Concentric Shaft...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    Laifual Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox Laifual prides itself on delivering innovative solutions for our customers in varying industry sectors, applications, and locations all over the world. Our gearbox products are aimed at providing optimal...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Packaging Food Processing The food & beverage sector is an industrial area that plays a major role in the world economy, as well as in that of the individual countries. The major companies that manufacture...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Machine Tools Laifual also has rich experience in precision motion control solutions.

    The Relationship Between Machinery Gears and Machinery Industry
    As for the typical tasks of machine devices, such as milling,...  more
  • Sky Zhang
    Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Aerospace & Defense Harmonic gearbox's reliability and quality make it possible in the defence industry. Using special materials, our defence and aerospace gears have extremely light constructions. We also employ...  more
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