• jnzc
    Industrial Fasteners Applicated in Power & Gas Turbine
    https://www.jnzcsb.com/industrial-fasteners-in-power-gas-turbine.html />
    #power #generation #fasteners

    The gas turbine is mainly composed of a compressor, a combustion chamber, and a turbine. The gas...  more
  • topautoproducts
    Heavy Hex Bolt
    https://www.dtnut.com/products/heavy-hex-bolt/ /> #fasteners #manufacturer #in #China

    The nearly 20 years that DATIAN (DT) Fasteners has specialized in the production of heavy hex bolts. Many customers need to purchase by sets. Our loyal...  more
  • hsjfabrication
    Sheet Metal Chassis Fasteners
    https://www.hsjfabrication.com/sheet-metal-chassis-fasteners/ /> #chassis #fasteners
    Fasteners are a class of mechanical parts that are used for fastening and are widely used. Our fasteners are used in a wide range of...  more
  • dtnut com
    The standard refers to the American ASTM or ASME standard with new and unique technical clauses added, which is suitable for a type of petrochemical fasteners used in high temperature and high-pressure environments, including bolts, studs, nuts, etc.
    ...  more
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