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    Shot blasting machine
    Industry Cleaning, mechanical
    Application Automotive industry, Construction industry, Wind power industry, Railway industry, Foundry-Forging industry, Shipyard
    Inventor Benjamin Chew Tilghman
    Invented...  more
  • siaoma
    Black Anchor Shaped Remote Anal Butt Plug #butt #plug #anchor #panties The tapered tip design, smooth and harmless silicone material, provides a natural and smooth insertion, and the narrow neck on the upper part of the rocking anchor base ensures...  more
  • ALex Liu
    End Shackle M2/M3 #bolt #type #anchor #shackle This shackle has an oval pin and is generally used to connect the crown shackle of the anchor to the swivel forerunner of the chain. Available in dia 14mm up to 117mm, grade U2 and or/ U3. The end shackle...  more
  • ALex Liu
    Dual Shank Anchor DSA #boss #anchor Dual Shank Anchor DSA the world's most efficient drag embedment anchor and yet is very popular among the fish farmer. It is designed for high efficient and easy installation. So far we have provided more than 8000...  more
  • ALex Liu
    DIN766 Link Chain #din #766 #anchor #chain Chains with chemically very stable structure are also available. They are useful to withstand chemical aggression

    Cost-effective, low weight and long life.

    Dimensions and masses subject to commercial...  more
    The working principle for anchor chain shot-blasting machine is mainly by numerous high speed abrasive flow projection to the anchor chain surface, which blast cleaning the oxides and Surface attachment from the anchor...  more
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