• dfichk dfichk
    45'FT Container

    DFIC has a mature production line for 45 ft containers. We can produce large scale of 45 foot shipping container of this size per day. Container 45 feet is mainly used for loading and sea transportation of large goods. At present, our...  more
  • autog reentyre
    The Soft Tread compound used inWINTERCROSS-WL6 to maintain good grip performance and precise handling performance on snowy and icy roads.

    The braking performance of WINTER CROSS WL6 is more excellent toensure your driving safety.
    #autogreen #tyres #245...  more
  • hebeileading
    Carbon Steel Flange
    https://www.hebeileading.com/products/carbon-steel-flange/ /> #wafer #butterfly #valves
    Carbon steel flange, plate flange, or end flange connector made of carbon steel. It contains a carbon steel flange, called the carbon steel flange....  more
  • seal con
    Flygt Mechanical Seals FOL-45 Lower Parts for Flygt 3140/4650/4660/2201 Pump

    #fol #45
    Replacement for:
    FOL-45 lower parts for flygt 3140, 3152 pump
    FOL-45 lower parts for flygt 4650, 4660 pump
    FOL-45 lower parts for flygt 2201 pump
    Original...  more
  • 45 Degree Elbow

    #45 #degree #elbow #suppliers

    Product description
    We are manufactures and suppliers of buttweld 45 degree elbows that are popularly referred to as '45 ELBOW or 45 BENDS'. Joined to a pipe at 45 degree angle,these pipes have a curve...  more
    45 Degree Steel Elbow Pipe Fittings For Sale, Manufacturer/Suppl
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