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Latest Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor Features, Price, Specifications & Reviews 2022– Tractorgyan
Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse is an excellent quality tractor with a specific style and plan. In India 2022, the Powertrac tractor has proactively taken a basic piece of the farmer's buying. The powertrac Euro 50 Price 2022 is estimated at around 7. 30 lacs to 7.60 lacs*.
The powertrac Euro 50 robust stands uncommon of all with respect to its features and specifics.
The powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse goes with a Dual Clutch; it features eight forward gearboxes and two inverse gearboxes. Powertrac Euro 50 PowerHouse also has a spectacular forward speed. Multi-Plate Oil Immersed Disk Brake is used in the Powertrac Euro 50 PowerHouse. Smooth Balanced Power Steering is the controlling kind used by Powertrac Euro 50 PowerHouse. It has a high fuel tank cutoff of 60 litres, which is perfect for managing farms for broadened periods. The lifting furthest reaches of the Powertrac Euro 50 PowerHouse is 2000 kg.
The Powertrac Euro 50 Powerhouse tractor is the most costly and notable tractor in the 52 drive motor classification. It has three chambers and a 2932 cc motor that produces 2000 RPM ERPM. The tractor gives prudent mileage in the fields, as well as extra, gentle execution, going with it a famous decision among farmers. Powertrac tractors have their name and notoriety with astonishing capabilities and marvelous attributes, so the tractor's decision, inclination, and quality are painstakingly thought of.
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Tractorgyan's Album: Tractorgyan