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Latest Farmtrac 60 tractor Mileage, Price, Features & specification- Tractorgyan
The Farmtrac 60 powermaxx t20 tractor is an excellent quality tractor with a specific arrangement and plan. Farmtrac tractor has proactively taken a part of the farmer's front interest in India 2022.
It has uncommon helpfulness, quality, and a reasonable expense for tractors, saving them all set for farmers and various clients. Everyone's thoughts and needs are drawn to the tractor. The association for the most part gives the tractor given the client's tendencies, components, quality, and the best expense, ensuring that it is OK for everyone's monetary arrangement. This Farmtrac tractor in India is driven by an eco-accommodating engine that is sensible for a variety of use and usages.
It accompanies 3 chambers and a dry-type air channel. The transmission grasp sort of the tractor is double as well as free with a consistent cross section transmission and side change gear level shift with a base speed of 2.4 - 34.8 kmph and switch speed of least to a limit of 3.5 - 15.8 kmph. The tractor accompanies oil-drenched brakes and a reasonable power controlling. The most interesting element of the tractor is that it is supported by a PTO Type of 6 splines, PTO RPM of 540, MRPTO, and PTO force of 49 HP with 60 liters of fuel limit
The Farmtrac 60 Price begins around 8. 30 lacs to 9.50 lacs separately. The Farmtrac 60 powermaxx t20 tractor is reasonably assessed and simple to get. On account of its significant components and utility, this tractor may really sell well in the market without impacting the farmer's purchasing power. In this manner, the tractor is famous and is more direct to work.

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Tractorgyan's Album: Tractorgyan