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Eicher 551 Tractor Price, Specification, Mileage & Review- Tractorgyan
Eicher 551 is one of the strong and solid tractor models which comes in the 49 hp class. The tractor is stacked with an intense motor and strong highlights, which urges the tractor to play out every one of the cultivating and business applications. Eicher 49 hp tractor accompanies 3-chambers and a 3300 CC motor that creates high motor-estimated RPM. The PTO hp of the tractor is 41.7 that offers the most extreme capacity to the connected farm equipment. The tractor model has a magnificent water-cooled and dry air channel, an exceptionally decent mix for the purchasers. It has an agreeable seat and a productive slowing mechanism to safeguard the administrator and give a casual ride.

Eicher 551 Price is Rs. 6.80-7.10 lakh*. Eicher 551 hp cost in India is reasonable and suitable for the farmers. These are about the Eicher tractor, Eicher 551 cost list, Eicher 551 hp and particulars. At Tractorgyan, you can also get Eicher 551 tractor Price in UP or Eicher 551 cost in UP.

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Tractorgyan's Album: Tractorgyan