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aslam farooqui's Album: Conde Group

DESCRIPTION : Conde Group, Inc. Founder and CEO, Karen Conde, has spent over 30 years turning her clients’ visions into reality. Karen focused the first phase of her career on the design and implementation of successful business strategies, holding numerous executive level positions at highly respected companies. Karen spent the last 13 years specializing in training and staffing for technical job classifications. Ms. Conde instills a strong work ethic through her “lead by example” initiatives, and believes that a company is built upon the success of the team rather than the individuals. In addition to Conde Group, Inc., Karen founded the non-profit organization Forgotten Victims, which provides support to those involved in automobile accidents which did not involve drugs or alcohol but that resulted in catastrophic injuries or death.To learn more about Forgotten Victims Our partnering philosophy uniquely positions us to build lasting relationships.