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LC Rapid is a professional 3D printing service company that has advanced 3D printers. We are the expert to help you find suitable 3d printing solutions to make the high-quality SLA rapid prototyping and production components at a very low cost. Our skilled engineering team assists you to start from concept to create cosmetic prototypes or evolve a product with complex structure and intricate geometry.

Introduction of 3D Printing Service
Each 3D printer makes prototypes or high-definition production parts base on the same main principle: a physical three-dimensional solid object is built by adding layer from layer. SLA 3d is the additive manufacturing process, which is a completely different manufacturing method when compared with conventional subtractive methods (CNC machining). Unlike CNC machining requires a cutting tool, Injection Moulding & Die Casting requires the hard toolings, there is no special tools are needed in 3D stereolithography.

Advantages of Precision 3D Printing

Rapid Turnaround
3D Printing process can produce parts in as fast as 1 day.

Complex Geometry
The advantage of 3D printing process is that it allows easy fabrication of parts with complexity. No additional cost is required even with increasing complexity.

High Accuracy
3D Printing is a technology that enables you have a high accurate parts quickly.

Cost Saving
3D printing is inexpensive compared to other conventional manufacturing methods, requiring no toolings as with Injection Molding or Die Casting.

Wide Range of Materials
LC Rapid creates the cost efficient, ultra-fine prototypes and production parts from a large selection of metals and plastics.

Cosmetic Appearance
Quality surface finishes can be easily achieved by using 3D printing process.
3D Printing Process
Stereolithography (SLA)
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

3D Printing Tolerances
We can meet tolerances of +/- 0.1 mm. We can do the post machining according to customers’ requirement if a finer tolerance is asked.

3D Printing Materials
LC Rapid 3D printing service offers a wide range of materials, from nylon, ABS to Aluminum and steel whether you are making a single or dozens of high accuracy production components.

3D Printing Finishes
The sanding process can remove imperfections and prepare a high quality surface for later finishing procedure.

3D Printing Solutions
Consumer Goods
High quality 3D printing service in the consumer goods industry is being used to speed up the testing time, improve product quality, and help get your product launched sooner. From design to manufacturing to sales, fast 3D printing service makes a great contribution to the entire product development stages.

3D printing prototyping service enables medical device manufacturers to get customized concept models that mimic the production-level quality faster. There are different materials and colors can be selected.

The professional 3D printing services in LC Rapid can help clients develop lighter weight, lower cost parts. The quick turnaround ensures you receive physical prototypes with greater strength, shrink your time to launch the production onto market. 

Common Applications of 3D Printing
Rapid Prototyping
With the advantage of low cost and good surface quality, 3D Printing can be used to make the visual and functional prototypes.

Production Components
We use 3D Printing to build high volume of custom parts because of the dimension consistency and high accuracy of it.

Stereolithography (SLA)- one of the 3D printing service can be used as master models to cast polyurethane vacuum casting patterns.

3D Printing FAQ

Are you able to create the drawing for me if I don’t have a 3D CAD model
We offer the design services, please contact us with your idea. We can also offer reverse engineering service using your legacy parts.

How does LC Rapid set itself apart from the competition.
We are focused on providing the fastest and highest quality prototypes and production parts in the industry.

What 3D printing technologies do you currently offer?
SLA printing service and SLS printing service are two common types of 3d model printing services.

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Lc Rapid Manufacturing Co.,ltd lcrapid's Album: Wall Photos