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Product Name: 5ml 10ml Plastic Spray Bottle
Material: PP Materials
Capacity: 10ml
Slogan:Exquisite pen shape and delicate spray, give you a long-lasting fragrance

This plastic spray bottle is made of a highly plastic PP raw material that is resistant to wear and durable. The material isenvironmentally friendly and sanitary, and the production process does not cause any harm to the environment. It is a renewable material and does not cause any harm to human health. This plastic spray bottle is mainly used for the dispensing and trial of perfumes, dew, lotion and other skin care products.

The capacity is 5ml or 10ml. The bottle has a net weight of up to 12g. It is light and compact, does not occupy extra space, and is very portable. The amount of liquid per press is 0.1-0.15ml, and the amount of liquid is small. It is very suitable for perfumes that require multiple sprays. This plastic spray bottle has a slender cylindrical shape and looks like a pen. It has a spiral bottleneck, plus a round cover attached to the pump head. It is good at isolating the air, keeping the plastic spray bottle airtight and preventing the perfume inside from coming into contact with potential pollutants in the air. This guarantees the hygiene and quality of the product.

The nozzle has a fine liquid outlet and the spray is fine, which can make the smell of the perfume disperse properly and prevent the smell from being too concentrated. The surface of this plastic spray bottle has been screen printed, making it soft and not hard, giving a sense of intimacy.

There are three colors, which are sky blue, pink, translucent milky white, and each of the three colors has a cute and exquisite appearance. If you have further needs, we can also provide customization in colors and specifications. In addition, we can also print logos and patterns on the bottle. We will provide you with as much as possible we can provide.

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ZHONGSHAN XINRUN PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD xinrunplastic's Album: Wall Photos