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Product Name: Cream Bottle
Material: PP Material PS Materials
Capacity: 5g-300g
Slogan:Smooth, firm and varied

Plastic Containers For Beauty Products
This range of plastic cream containers has eight different options to meet the needs of a wide range of different types of clear empty plastic bottles. These cream bottles are made of PP materials or PS materials, with a smooth and bright surface. When users touch it, they will feel smooth and comfortable. And the materials do not contain any toxic additives, which guarantees the safety of the internal products and the health of the users. Both the body and the cap of the clear empty plastic bottles are thickened.

Compared with the general cream bottle, these cream bottles are more durable and wearable. So it can be recycled, and are environmentally friendly, reducing the burden of resources and environment. At the same time, it also guarantees the low loss rate of the transportation process. Each cream bottle is equipped with a pp pad to keep the product intact and to effectively isolate air pollution.

These cream bottles come in a variety of styles to meet different customers' requirements in the aspect of the shape of the product. We have temperament one, cute and tiny one, as well as fresh and elegant cream bottle. These cream bottles are mainly used for skin care cream, mask product packaging and sub package, as well as other related products. We offer custom services in different types, including colors and sizes.

At the same time, according to different needs of customers, we can provide a variety of processing services, including printing, hot stamping and so on. This series of cream bottles are produced in a dust-free workshop. The whole process is free of any pollution, and strictly adheres to international production hygiene standards to ensure the cleanliness of the products. The appearance, quality and practicability of this series of cream bottles are excellent, and are deeply loved by customers in the skin care cosmetics industry. You can rest assured!

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ZHONGSHAN XINRUN PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD xinrunplastic's Album: Wall Photos