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Toilet Paper Roll Packing Machine
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There are different machine models & different machine types to pack tissue products: toilet roll, kitchen towel, JRT roll and Maxi roll, the different models of toilet roll bundler with different packing speed, different packing range. Includes a single packing machine, bundler, case wrapper, big bag packing machine, etc.

Main features of toilet roll packaging machine:

The toilet roll packing machinery with rational machine structure, easy to maintain, with a low failure rate and low noise;

Toilet roll packing machine is equipped with a double servo drive system, the machine's performance is stable, with big touch screen display and parameters setting;

The paper roll packing machine is controlled by one single servo and double inverters, the automatic material feeding conveyor can be connected with any paper roll production line to save labor cost;

Applied with self-developed servo drive board and PLC, the system is extensive so that outlets can be used for our users to add other functions;

Fixed bag formers of various sizes are suitable for different size paper rolls;

The toilet roll packing/packaging machine can be equipped with an automatic film folding device.

soontruemachine's Album: Wall Photos