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Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine
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The Handkerchief paper production line includes folding machine, single packing machine and bundler machine, you also can choose to connect with case packaging machine in the end.

Main features of handkerchief packing machine
High speed, stable performance, easy operation;

The pocket tissue machine is controlled by PLC, big touch screen and stepping motor;

High-precision OMRON photocell tracking system;

The drive system is controlled by advanced frequency conversions, the cycle orientations are controlled by precise plane dividing case;

Adopting automatic oil circulation lubrication system, which can greatly extend the service life;

It is applied with special anti-static technology, making the performance more stable;

Applied with intelligent temperature controllers, the temperature can be freely controlled;

The easy tear is made by means of simultaneously punching on the packing film. Different automatic perforating units can be equipped at user’s different demand;

The printer can be equipped on the machine to automatically print the manufacture date and production batch numbers. Characters can be freely adjusted to the optimized position;

The easy tear adhesive sticker can be automatically done, reducing much labor cost;

soontruemachine's Album: Wall Photos