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Overhead rail shot blasting machine allows the workpieces to move with constant speed through the machine. The conveyor consists of a chain and trolley system suspended from a monorail, and can be driven at a constant speed or can be indexed.

A special feature of the continuous shot blasting machine is the constant traveling speed of the workpieces. The ability to adapt the moving speed of the workpiece and the wheel power ensures that the machine can be easily and smoothly integrated into an existing production line. The abrasive is pre-accelerated very efficiently by the KT series blast wheels, allowing for short treatment times and reduced abrasive consumption when compared to conventional blast wheels. Maximum coverage of the workpiece is achieved by the blast wheels being arranged in an "X" alignment, diagonally to the moving workpiece. In this formation, the leading edges of complex components, welded sections, and flame-cut parts can be thoroughly blasted.

Overhead Rail Shot Blasting Machine Basic Specification
Machine type HTK 04/05 HTK 08/09 HTK 12/09 HTK 12/11 HTK 12/11Q
Max. workpiece Dia. x b (mm) 300*600 500*1200 800*2000 1000*2500 1200*3000
Max height (mm) 4700 5900 6700 7200 7700
Max width (mm) 4200 5100 5900 6100 6300
Max length (kg) 5000 8500 8500 10500 10500
No. of wheels x power (KW) 4x 7.5 8x7.5 12x11 12x 11 12x 11
Total installed power(KW) 41 72 143 147 157
Exhausted air quantity (m3/h) 6000 12000 18000 22000 25000
Foundation pit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Removal of mill and forge scale as well as rust

Removal of burrs and scales

Removal of molding sand

Increase of surface roughness

Applications include blast cleaning welded steel fabrications, deburring and homogeneous die-cast parts, and peening dynamically stressed components. Batches of small components or singular large, heavy workpieces can be treated.


To achieve complete coverage, the workpiece carrying hooks rotate and stop automatically at a different location in the blast chamber. This rotation and oscillation process means that even highly complex workpieces, with hard to reach surfaces, can be safely and accurately treated.

The transport system can be designed for different size & weights. As an option, carrying hooks are available with integrated chain hoists for operational ease and safety.

Depending on the workpieces to be treated, and the preceding and subsequent processes, it may be advantageous to combine the carrying hooks with a chain hoist so that workpiece batches or heavy parts can be easily picked up. The chain hoist is operated directly at the loading/unloading station of the overhead rail system.

It can be used not only alone but also in combination with other machines to form a gas cylinder production line.
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