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Account Takeover Prevention: How to Protect Your Brand... What Is an Account Takeover Attack? Account Takeover, which is also referred to as 'Credential Stuffing,' 'account hijacking,' or 'ATO,' refers to a hacking technique whereby a hacker or fraudster uses illegal methods to get hold of confidential details of a victim and leverages on this information to take control over the victim's bank, e-commerce, or other online accounts. A successful ATO attack results in serious damage, both financial and emotional, with the victim losing money and/or confidential personal information. How Do Hackers and Fraudsters Achieve ATO? Despite the existence of high-security standards for all major payment gateways, hackers and fraudsters are still successful in getting their hands-on user credentials and financial information. In addition, financial institutions are struggling to identify hacking attempts at an early stage, so, in many cases, they do not realize an account takeover. Visit

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