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It’s the battle of the adult games! These games are NOT for children and are made for adults looking to add a little romance and spice to their bedroom! We’ve both picked our best sex games and we’re going to tell you why they’re our favorite. First up, I’ve got the Monogamy Hot Affair with your Partner Game from Adam & Eve. This board game for adults brings romance and heat to the table. If you’re looking for the perfect bedroom game for couples or just a really fun sex game, Monogamy is going to check all your boxes. Roll the dice and draw for a sexy card game that encourages you to become intimate with your partner in a variety of ways! It’s the perfect foreplay game and you’ll love the surprises on each of the cards. Act out your fantasies and get really sexy while bonding with your partner! It’s so much fun! Next, let the Chocolate Seductions Game from Adam & Eve tickle your sweet tooth. Chocolate Seduction is a fun game that incorporates two of the best things in the world-- sex & chocolate! This sexy card game will give you commands and fun ways to flirt. Expect to be sensually painted with milk chocolate and then having it licked clean! Woo! That’s enough to make me melt! This chocolate sex game is not only a blast! It’s delicious! Get either of these sex games from Adam & Eve and if you use the promo code BEST50 you can take 50% off + Free Discreet Shipping on your order + 3 DVDs & a Mystery Gift! Visit

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