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What to Do When Someone is Having a Stroke

Anyone can have a stroke at any time, and there is no particular reason behind it. By the time someone encounters the symptoms of having a stroke, every minute should be counted no matter what. You should not waste a single minute by being panic or confused. If it is not treated on time, the patient can lead to death immediately. So, it is always recommended to take proper necessary steps when you feel like someone around you is having a stroke.

It is prevalent when people do not take this issue seriously. To be sure of it, you should examine the patient immediately, and these should include, ask the patient for a smile, ask them to talk and ask them to raise both hands. When smiling, if one portion of the face looks like dropping, if the voice sounds strange, and if one arm drifts downward, you should immediately take the patient to the hospital.

Do call the emergencies, get an ambulance, and take the patient directly to the hospital. If you fail to reach the emergency services, drive the person to the hospital, or manage any other options to take the patient to the hospital’s emergency. Alternatively, you can depend on the nearest emergency care clinics, which are open 24/7. Southampton neurosurgery treatment is available 24/7, where you won’t require an appointment to get your treatment in

Before reaching the hospital or care center, you can provide the patient with proper care. When the patient is unconscious, you can give the patient with CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), but that should be prescribed from the physician or doctor. You can try the chest compression therapy, as well.

Do not provide the patient with any food, medication, or drinks. Also, do not let the patient sleep by this time. Some people think leading the patient to sleep due to tiredness can cure them, but this can lead the patient to more difficulties.

Moreover, stay focused; try to reach the emergency center’s initial checkups. The more you will delay and neglect the patient, you will make the situation worse, or even the patient could die out of the stroke complications.

Provide the patient with a relaxed environment during taking to the hospital. Do the initials as long as you can and leave the rest for the doctor.

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