Cost of Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral and Lying in State Reveale

Edward Gray 19 August 1, 2023
02/08/2023: In a historic moment, Buckingham Palace has released details about the estimated cost of the funeral and lying in state arrangements for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who peacefully passed away on 02/08/2023. The forthcoming funeral and the lying in state will be a solemn and momentous occasion, drawing attention from around the world. Funeral Cost Breakdown: Ceremonial Arrangements: The ceremonial arrangements for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II are expected to cost approximately £10m. These arrangements encompass the logistics, security, and organization of the event, ensuring that the funeral is carried out with the utmost dignity and respect befitting the Queen's esteemed position. Floral Tributes: Floral tributes are a cherished part of royal funerals, and they are expected to be a significant expense. The anticipated cost for floral displays to adorn the venue and the procession route is estimated at £15m. These beautiful arrangements will serve as a poignant tribute to Her Majesty's memory. Security Measures: Given the magnitude of the event and the dignitaries and world leaders expected to attend, security is of utmost importance. The cost of security measures for the funeral is expected to reach approximately £15m, ensuring the safety of attendees and the smooth execution of the proceedings. Broadcasting and Media Coverage: The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be a globally watched event, and significant resources will be allocated to broadcasting and media coverage. The cost of ensuring comprehensive and respectful media coverage is anticipated to be approximately £20m. Lying in State Cost Breakdown: Venue Preparation: The estimated cost of preparing the venue for the lying in state, where the Queen's body will lie in repose for public viewing, is £20m. This includes the meticulous setup of the venue and the necessary arrangements to accommodate the large number of mourners expected to pay their respects. Public Security and Crowd Control: The lying in state will attract millions of people from around the world who wish to pay their final respects to Queen Elizabeth II. The cost of public security, crowd control, and managing the expected large crowds is estimated at £20m. Floral Tributes: Floral tributes will be an integral part of the lying in state, just as they are for the funeral. The cost of floral arrangements to adorn the venue and create a respectful atmosphere for mourners is anticipated to be approximately £20m. Memorial Books and Registers: In remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II, memorial books and registers will be provided for the public to express their condolences. The cost for these items is estimated at £30. The total cost of the funeral and lying in state arrangements for Queen Elizabeth II is expected to amount to approximately £130m. The expenses are reflective of the extraordinary significance of the event and the profound impact Her Majesty had on the United Kingdom and the world. The British government, Buckingham Palace, and various departments involved are committed to ensuring that the funeral and lying in state are conducted with the utmost respect and dignity, paying tribute to the exceptional life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. For further media inquiries and updates, please contact: Edward Gray