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Apoorv Bhatnagar How Freshsales CRM simplifies your sales process Sales, without doubt, is a vital function for any organization, as it is sales that bring in customers and revenue. Sales process followed by organizations is important, as following a structured process ensures that work happens systematically and expected results can be achieved. Using a CRM software is the icing on the cake, as it helps to automate the sales function which leads to increased efficiency. Fresh sales is a CRM product from Freshworks, which can be used by businesses to automate their sales functions. Using this CRM product can be highly beneficial as it would help you to simplify your sales process. Let’s take a look at how using Fresh sales CRM can help you and your sales team. Workflow automation CRM software ensures automation of your workflow. The entire work process that is done is automated right from start to finish. In sales, the process starts with prospecting, where you start interacting with the prospective customer. The process ends with the close when the prospect makes a purchase or signs an agreement to become a customer. The entire flow of activities get automated and everything is available online. There is no need to fill forms or prepare reports; everything is automated. This saves time and salespeople can focus on selling instead of doing paperwork. Automation is taken to the next level. For example, sending emails, generating reports all happen automatically. There is no need for you to send a follow-up email, you just have to use the software to indicate when follow-up has to be done and the system will send the mail to you. Similarly, on a monthly basis, reports are generated automatically, you don’t have to do anything. Automation of such repetitive tasks makes work easier. Emails and other tasks It is estimated that a salesperson spends 20% of his time in sending emails to prospects. If that same time could be spent meeting new prospects, it would be definitely more productive. Sales CRM solutions help you to automate mail sending. The moment you first enter the details of your prospect, the contact details are captured by the system. All you have to do is specify at what intervals you want follow-up emails to be sent and the software would do it for you. Mails with product FAQ’s and guides, emails with product features can all be sent automatically, the moment the customer signs up; you don’t have to do anything. It’s a major saving on time and effort. Tracking your team Sales managers need to keep track of what their team is up to. To do this, they ask them to send emails and reports regularly. This takes up a lot of time, which could be used for other productive activities. When you use CRM software, your team members can update all that they do in the software, using their laptops or mobiles. Once the data is entered into the system, it becomes easy to track your team. Weekly and monthly reports get generated automatically. You can even get colorful graphs showing you conversion rates and other metrics to tell you how efficient your team is. You can also use customization features to get the report you want. For example, you can ask a report of all prospects one-month-old which have not yet been closed. Prioritize leads Leads are all those who have been in touch with you or visited your website. You could have thousands of leads, what is important is to prioritize so you can focus on those leads which are highly prospective. Your CRM software can do this for you. For example, leads who have replied to an email get a higher priority over other leads. In this way, you can rank all the leads. Once you have ranked and prioritized the leads, then as per predefined sales strategy your team can start working on the top-ranked leads and work to convert them. Automating the sales funnel The sales funnel like an inverted funnel, where the leads are on the top and as your sales team starts working on the leads, they move to the middle where they are interested prospects and finally move to the bottom of the funnel, indicating they are ready to close. The software will tell you how many leads are there and will calculate how many emails you need to send daily. A salesman may need to send up to 500 emails daily. With Fresh sales CRM in place, things are done automatically. And the related metrics like the number of emails sent, number of replies, number of conversions can all be tracked easily. Finding patterns Your Sales CRM will analyze the data you have and show you patterns. This will give you important information like – which months are dull, which months have more leads coming in, which months see more closure, which holiday season sees more leads coming in, etc. These patterns will help you to devise sales strategy that you can use to be more effective. Using automation like Fresh sales CRM helps you to be more effective and your entire sales process can be simplified making life easier for your team. This allows them to focus more on selling and less on repetitive activities like mailing and reporting.
January 15, 2019