• gjprototyping com
    Zinc Alloy Casting

    Die-casting is the core of the proto-mold company, our zinc alloy casting equipment is new equipment, its high precision, good stability, all die-casting process are automated production, effectively ensure the quality of die-casting....  more
  • anhuisaifu
    Single Margin Zinc Aluminium MPP Film With Heavy Edgy

    #Single #Margin #Zinc #Aluminium #MPP #Film #With #Heavy #Edgy

    Polypropylene plain film, 2 um–12 um, serves as the foundation for MPP films. 620mm is the typical width.

    A coating machine in a...  more
  • es color
    Galvalume/Aluzinc Roofing Sheet (GL) #zinc #galvalume Galvalume steel sheet is an important alloy material often used in daily life. Galvalume steel plate is composed of Al Zn alloy structure, which consists of 55% Al, 43% Zn, and 2% Si solidified at...  more
  • Crystal Tang
    Epoxy Zinc-rich Shop Primer
    #zinc #rich #epoxy #coating
    Epoxy zinc-rich shop primer is a two-component self-drying paint, composed of epoxy resin, special resin, zinc dust, additives and solvents, and the other component is an amine curing agent. The...  more
  • kesdiecasting
    Zinc is considered as the easiest metal to cast and has a lot of superior properties. KES is a leader in zinc die casting manufacturing, since its overall process is under a strict quality control system. KES has...  more
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