• heshunpetfilm heshunpetfilm
    Flame Retardant Film

    As the base film of flame retardant film, the flame retardant film can exert its flame retardant performance after downstream coating, compounding and other processing procedures, and is widely used in the electromechanical industry...  more
  • Hypak .com
    Hypak Flashspun For Cold Storage Floor
    https://www.kingwills.com/hypak-wall-insulation-vapor-barrier/ /> #home #wrap #insulation
    The internal temperature of the cold storage is generally -30℃~-10℃, which is very different from the outside...  more
  • Hypak .com
    Hypak Flashspun For Metal/Tile Roof
    https://www.kingwills.com/hypak-house-wrap-under-metal-siding/ /> #house #trim #wrap
    Therefore, the enclosure materials required for metal structures must have: Excellent moisture resistance, vapor barrier and...  more
  • Hypak .com
    Hypak Flashspun For Passive Building
    https://www.kingwills.com/hypak-flashspun-for-passive-building/ /> #weather #guard #house #wrap
    Effectively avoid the leakage of rainwater and moisture.
    Improve building insulation performance and reduce energy...  more
  • Hypak .com
    Hypak Flashspun For Building Curtain Wall
    https://www.kingwills.com/hypak-building-wrap-material/ /> #building #wrap
    Building wrap insulation curtain wall is a commonly used outer wall enclosure structure of modern large-scale high-rise buildings,...  more
  • Hypak .com
    Building House Wraps Barrier
    https://www.kingwills.com/building-envelopes-house-wrap/ /> #buy #house #wrap
    Recently, favorable policies for green buildings in many provinces and cities across the country are being intensively implemented.

    The development...  more
  • How about the Self-locking Performance of Nylon Tie Wrap?

    The nylon tie wrap is a kind of cable tie, which is made of nylon chemical materials, and can be better used to fix various cables. Of course, in order to meet the requirements of better use, it...  more
  • guonuogz guonuogz
    https://www.guonuogz.com/products/lined-carton-packing-machine/ /> #shrink #wrap #tunnel

    BOPP tape is used for sealing, and the sealing is smooth. Guonuo's lined carton packing machine has a wide...  more
  • dhxg luetape

    #environmentally #friendly #pallet #wrap

    Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film which is ideal for wrapping around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It is generally used to unitize...  more
  • winner medical

    1. Undercast Padding 10cmx3.5m;

    2. Conforming Bandage 10cmx2.9m;

    3. Latex Free Nonwoven Cohesive

    Flexible Bandage 10cmx2.5m.


    1. Undercast Padding 10cmx3.5m;

    2. Conforming Bandage 10cmx2.9m;

    3. Light Compression Bandage...  more
  • Winnie liu
    LA-F1 Durable & Affordable Bubble Wrap Maker - Business Class #air #bubble #wrap #machine Introduction Of LA-F1 Durable & Affordable Bubble Wrap Maker - Business Class
    Air Cushion Machine - a business class on-demand inflatable air bubble/tube...  more
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