• Empevmobility
    Motor Control Unit
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    Types of Motor Control Unit
    Commercial Vehicle Motor Controller
    Motor controller is the control unit that controls the motor to drive the...  more
  • Empevmobility
    Commercial Vehicle Motor Controller
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    Technical features of the motor controller:

    (1) use SVPWM modulation algorithm to improve the...  more
  • Rajan Kumar
    Get locksmith services in London to choose the best type of lock for your home

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    You can get professional administration for misted glass sealed unit replacement in London to keep out moisture, dust, and other...  more
  • Rajan Kumar
    Get cost-effective and seamless solutions for casement windows repair in London

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    If you have noticed a problem with your doors, it makes sense to hire professionals for repairs. The measures needed for front and...  more
  • hytera
    RRU5700M 4G&5G RRU
    5G-LTE | RU
    For 4G commercial & 5G ready, Hytera's RRU5700M series can meet the requirements. This product series is 4G & 5G dual mode, i.e., they can be configured as LTE or NR by parameters. This will save customers' investment. Of...  more
  • hytera
    PNC560 5G XSecure Rugged Device
    Handheld | 5G | LTE | GPS
    The PNC560 gives you the best of two worlds - a professional PTT radio and a hardened productivity smartphone. It offers you mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G/LTE network with...  more
  • hytera
    Universal Platform & Open Architecture
    The BBU3801 is based on a universal platform featuring mature supply chain and low cost. It adopts standard interfaces and modular design to facilitate functional expansion and integration of products or accessories...  more
  • Gopower com
    As one of the top SCADA RTU manufacturers,Remote terminal unit scada is a general term for various remote monitoring installed in the distribution network, SCADA remote terminal units has functions such as data collection, control, and communication.

    ...  more
  • Sunny Inside
    PGU (Picture Generation Unit): As a module for providing raw imaging, it is an important part of HUD.

    With mass production experience, Sunny Automotive is the global leading HUD optical solution provider and can provide different PGU solutions(TFT...  more
  • Fabin Wang
    Power Supply Unit
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    #electrical #power #supply #unit

    The input voltage of the power supply unit is 10kV and the output voltage is 3300V.

    And main applications of power supply unit are...  more
  • hytera
    https://www.hytera.com/en-products/4g5g/bbu/bbu3800/ /> #bbu #baseband #unit
    BBU3800 Baseband Unit
    The Baseband Unit (BBU) constitutes an eNodeB together with the Remote Radio Unit (RRU). It performs service processing as well as system operation,...  more
  • ajaxdent
    N4 Nurse Stool
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    Dental Assisting Chair

    Upholstery: Seamless Microfiber Leather, Upgrading Option: Leather Upholstery

    Functions: Adjustable Height, Adjustable Backrest Angel,...  more
  • ajaxdent
    N3 Nurse Stool
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    Dental Nurse Stool

    Upholstery: Seamless Microfiber Leather, Upgrading Option: Leather Upholstery

    Functions: Adjustable Height, Adjustable Backrest Angel,...  more
  • ajaxdent
    D6 Doctor Stool
    https://www.ajaxdent.com/products/d6-saddle-doctor-stool/ /> #dental #suction #unit

    Dental Stool Chair
    D6 Doctor Stool
    Upholstery: Seamless Microfiber Leather, Upgrading Option: Leather Upholstery

    Functions: Adjustable Height, Adjustable...  more
  • aolisen chem
    API Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients can be produced from all kinds of Pharmaceutical Intermediates.

    Pharmaceutical Intermediates are the raw materials of API active principle ingredient. API means substance or mixture of substances intended to be...  more
  • Ahmed Gholami
    Here is The Scope of Work of Professional Electricians!

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    This is a crucial point and you need to understand carefully that if you are getting paid monthly at a firm then preventive maintenance is...  more
    Here is The Scope of Work of Professional Electricians!
  • soloon actuators
    FCU Motorized Zone Valve belongs to the central air-conditioning terminal control products. As an executive component that controls the water flow in the fan-coil, it is controlled by the central air-conditioning thermostat (or three-speed switch). The...  more
  • peiyangchem
    Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU): further distills the residue oil from the bottom of the crude oil distillation unit. The vacuum distillation is performed at a pressure well below atmospheric pressure. The vacuum distillation unit is widely used to...  more
  • AG Electrical Felix Xu
    SAE EV Portable Charger Type 1 Mode 2

    #electric #car #charging #unit #manufacturers

    Mechanical Properties
    Mechanical life: no-load plug>10000times
    Impact of external force: be able to afford 1m drop and 2tons vehicle run over pressure
    Insertion and...  more
    SAE Type 1 Mode 2 Electric Car Charger, J1772 DC Fast Charger
  • 5.8GHz DSRC On-board Units
    5.8GHz DSRC on-board units (OBU) are dedicated for different ITS applications. Typical applications are electronic toll collection (ETC), multi-lane free flow tolling (MLFF)/open-road tolling (ORT), congestion charging/road...  more
  • Thenow commercial ceiling mounted energy recovery ventilator -AQ Series, different with HEPA series, it was designed without HEPA and medium filters but only keep pre-filters, the ERV fresh air system is widely used in big areas and large commercial...  more
  • Thenow computer room air conditioning unit is specially designed for modern electronic equipment room and servers.The components of these computer room ac units are affected by temperature and humidity, which may cause malfunctions or affect the running...  more
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