• Glodon Glodon
    Voice of Glodon: The Key to Digital Transformation in Construction Industry

    Voice of Glodon: The Key to Digital Transformation in Construction Industry
    Over the past century, the development of digital applications in the construction industry has...  more
  • Glodon Glodon
    Developing and Using Digital Twins from Design to Handover

    A smart building digital twin can be created at any project or asset life cycle stage. However, the creation of the digital twin, or detailed planning for its creation at an early stage of the...  more
  • Omega Barrelscrew
    Are you finding the best quality Screws for Industrial Requirements?

    Here you will find the long-lasting barrel and screw, which will sustain the various manufacturing condition. So there are serves as higher wear resistance and are more durable. Here...  more
  • deed com
    Imported spindle unit specially ordered according to industry needs. V-ribbed belt transmission, more stable.
    Multiple sealing structures, prolong service life.

    Φ180 combined bearing, compared with Φ160 bearing combination...  more
  • Midea
    Twin Tub Washing Machine
    https://www.coolwasher.com/products/twin-tub-washing-machine/ /> #standard #twin #tub #washing #machine
    Nowadays, the twin tub washing machine sold in the domestic market is composed of a washing bucket and a dehydrating bucket....  more
  • SJSZ Conical Twin Screw Extruder
    #conical #twin #screw #extruder #design
    1. Gentle moulding design guarantees the quality of the matter.

    2. Very dependable valid design theory guaranteed the dependable operation of extruding. The special big torque...  more
  • n-screw extruders, which are widely used in the fields of polyolefin, engineering plastics, color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, elastomer, biodegradation, wire and cable, reactive extrusion, devolation, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene,...  more
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