• tiancheng com
    Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
    https://www.tcpipefittings.com/stainless-steel-pipe-fittings.html /> #316 #stainless #steel #threaded #pipe #fitting

    When it comes to Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, TianCheng stands as a trusted...  more
  • yiwhip com
    16g CO2 Chargers
    https://www.yiwhipcharger.com/products/16g-co2-chargers/ />
    #16g #non #threaded #co2

    This product contains carbon dioxide, the cream charger contains nitrous oxide. Because gases are so different, they can only mix with certain...  more
  • topautoproducts
    Petrochemical Nuts And Bolts
    https://www.dtnut.com/petrochemical-nuts-and-bolts.html />
    #b7 #threaded #rod

    The standard refers to the American ASTM or ASME standard with new and unique technical clauses added, which is suitable for a type of petrochemical...  more
  • Threaded Mold Parts
    https://www.fangling-precisionmold.com/products/threaded-mold-parts/ />
    #threaded #parts

    A thread is a continuous helical ridge formed on the inside (nut) or outside (screw) of a cylinder. This ridge is called the crest. Between each...  more
  • Product Description
    The NdFeB pot magnet with threaded stud can work like a bolt together with a nut for fastening & holding. In our product the threaded stud and the steel pot are a complete part made by lathe machining and, by producing it this way, it...  more
  • Sanvo provides all kinds of pipe fitting-pipe nipples and couplings with high quality. We made a list of pipe nipples and couplings that we can produce for our hardware customers to choose: carbon steel pipe nipples, black pipe nipples, galvanized pipe...  more
  • Stainless steel pipe coupling are made from seamless stainless steel pipe, usuall type 304 / type 316, and pipe coupling surface can be polished or O.D. machined. Stainless steel pipe refers to steel that is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air,...  more
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