• MobIR 2T

    MobIR 2 series is a new generation of infrared thermal imager for smartphone launched by Guide sensmart. Built-in the world's first autofocus WLP infrared module, with higher resolution and performance comparable to professional thermal imaging...  more
  • T120H

    Fever Screening Thermal Camera

    T120H temperature screening thermal camera is a fast temperature detection tool, which can be used to detect human temperature from a safety distance with accuracy of ±0.5℃. It is an economical and practical...  more
  • T120H

    Fever Screening Thermal Camera

    T120H Fever Screening Thermal Camera is a fast temperature detection tool, which can be used to detect human temperature from a safety distance with accuracy of ±0.5℃. It is an economical and practical thermal...  more
  • PLUG612R

    The PLUG-R series uncooled standard module Based on GST self-produced metal-package uncooled infrared detector with a full range of optical components, Through professional signal processing circuit and image processing platform, completely...  more
  • Core


    Mini Online Thermal Camera Core
    Equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector, the high-performance IPT430M is extremely sensitive with a wider temperature measurement range. Utilizing the small and lightweight benefits, several...  more
  • COIN612/R

    WLP+ASIC Uncooled thermal camera module

    COIN series uncooled thermal imaging camera core integrates the wafer-level package detector produced by GST, ASIC chip for imaging processing, micro-motion electromagnetic threshold shutter and general...  more
  • supertech com
    Food Delivery Insulated Bag
    https://www.supertech-vip.com/products/food-delivery-insulated-bag/ />
    #thermal #insulated #food #delivery #bags

    High performance VIP as core insulation layer.

    Food temperature difference less than 5 ℃ within 2...  more
  • heshunpetfilm heshunpetfilm
    PET Reflective Film

    Reflective film is a novel reflective material formed by combining the reflective layer formed by glass beads with PVC, PU and other polymer materials through a special process. PET reflective film refers to a type of polyester film...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C300T120-L5
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c300t120-l5.html /> #marine #thermal #camera

    Suitable for targeting, search and rescue, anti-smuggling, evidence gathering, security,...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C300T120-L
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c300t120-l.html /> #thermal #imaging #application

    Military reconnaissance, targeting, search & rescue, anti-smuggling, evidence...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C129T25-L3 Ⅱ
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c129t25-l3-2.html /> #thermal #night #vision #scope #for #hunting

    Suitable for navigation assistance, search and rescue,...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance Cameras System
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system/ />
    #long #range #thermal #imaging #camera

    Airborne surveillance camera system in electro optic systems refers to the use of aircraft or unmanned aerial...  more
  • Everay Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Devices & Electro Optic Products
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/ />
    #thermal #imaging #camera #price

    Advanced thermal imaging camera devices & electro optic thermal scanning electrical systems are high-tech...  more
    E Series
    https://www.hikmicrotech.com/en/industrial-products/e-series-handheld-thermal-imager/ />
    #handheld #thermal #imager

    High Image Quality
    A highly sensitive VOx detector (NETD < 40 mK) provides a distinct thermal vision of the target.

    Rugged &...  more
    B Series
    https://www.hikmicrotech.com/en/industrial-products/b-series-handheld-thermal-imager/ />
    #handheld #thermal #imaging #camera

    High Image Quality
    A highly sensitive VOx detector (NETD < 40 mK) provides a distinct thermal vision of the...  more
  • InfiRay InfiRay
    Eye II Series V2.0 Thermal Monocular Xeye E3 max V2

    12μm Ceramic Detector

    Different from V1.0, Eye Ⅱ V2.0 has a brand new ceramic packaging infrared detector, which has lighter weight, lower power consumption, and longer operating time.

    5 Color...  more
  • InfiRay InfiRay
    Portable Thermal Camera

    No matter how big or small the target, we have the right portable thermal imaging camera for problem solving. Portable thermal camera is a good helper for engineers with its compact and easy-taking size. Accurate temperature...  more
  • InfiRay InfiRay
    CT256 Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement

    CT256 Thermal Camera With Temperature Measurement
    CT256 Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement
    CT256 Thermal Camera To Check Body Temperature
    CT Biological Temperature Measurement Module is mainly used to...  more
  • InfiRay InfiRay
    Cabin Series Thermal Scope Monocular

    Cabin For Thermal Imaging Optics
    Cabin Series Thermal Scope has small size, light weight to be easily hold and operate. It also has quick-release battery pack, quick focusing knob, built-in LED light, making it the...  more
    High Temperature Insulation Sleeve

    #thermal #insulation #tape #high #temperature

    QIAN-ZE makes different high temperature sleeves, Basalt Sleeve, Silicone Coated Basalt Sleeve, Fiberglass Sleeve, and other high-temperature sleeves. Through the...  more
  • Golmate
    Vintage bottle design.

    Asbertos-free glass liner and eco-friendly PP shell.

    Excellent thermal insulation performance.

    Comfortable ergonomic handle for handy use.

    Advanced sealing technique, free from leaking.
    #thermal #jug #for #tea
    ...  more
  • ruiyuanpress
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
    https://www.ruiyuanpress.com/products/rto-regenerative-thermal-oxidizer/ /> #regenerative #thermal #oxidizer #cost

    Our Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) uses ceramic media to recover upwards of 97% of the available...  more
  • Bit CCTV
    Designed to provide maximum situation awareness and 24/7 threat assessment, BIT-CCTV's long range PTZ infrared cameras help you protect your most valuable assets. With the latest uncooled IR camera technology/640*512 resolution, lens options up to 190mm...  more
  • enulirvision
    Infrared thermal imaging technology is now more and more widely used in many different areas around the world, such as the security monitoring, industrial detection, the autonomous vehicle auxiliary market, iron industry and so on. Choosing the most...  more
  • enulirvision
    A thermal imaging camera is a device that uses infrared and thermal imaging technology to convert the image of the temperature distribution of the target object into a visible image through detecting the infrared radiation of the target object and...  more
  • enulirvision
    Overview of TI175/TI395 Thermal Imaging Video Camera
    ULIRVISION TI175|TI395 full HD thermal camera is an affordable, easy-to-operate and high-performance thermal imaging camera that offers accurate temperature measurements at safe distances. It can be...  more
  • enulirvision
    Overview of T2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera
    ULIRVISION T2 portable thermal camera is a cost-effective pocket thermal camera specially designed for beginners without any professional knowledge. Due to its small size, this portable thermal imager is...  more
  • walson tecn
    Portable thermal imaging devices are mainly used for long-range monitoring especially in harsh environments such as dark, foggy, raining and snowing. Thermal imaging technology is improving greatly with the development of night vision research. With...  more
  • walson tecn
    The Walson CTE-Series HD is the most advanced dual-sensor security system, combining a cooled or uncooled 640 × 480 resolution thermal sensor, a 1080p HD visible-light imaging

    sensor, and a high speed, precision pan/tilt system. The whole...  more
  • walson tecn
    Thermal module from Walson is based on uncooled/cooled microbolometer infrared focal plane vox sensor with 12/17µm pixel. With the help of these security camera accessories, you can improve your image quality, observe small targets more clearly, and...  more
  • walson tecn
    Infrared thermal imaging technology has been applied in both civil and military fields. It originates from the military at first and is now gradually turning for civilian use. In civil use, it is generally called thermal imager, which is mainly used in...  more
  • walson tecn
    WLS-TPS Series is a professional thermal imaging ptz camera manufacturer. With up to 640 × 480 resolution infrared detector and full-colour high-resolution HD display, this kind of heat sensitive camera has an excellent imaging effect. Moreover, this...  more
    · thermally conduction,low thermal resistance.
    · Neutral,no corrosion for many metals.
    · Good thixotropy,extrusion.
    · Excellent insulation performance.
    · Good weatherability,temperature tolerance.
    · Appearance:...  more
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