• MartinLorentzon
    A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus. Depending on the reason for the surgery and the patient's health, other reproductive organs such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes may also be removed during the procedure.
    #Hysterectomy...  more
  • Punit Singla
    Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India - Dr. Punit Singla Jaypee Hospital

    Dr. Puneet Singla is the best Liver Transplant Surgeon in India working with reputed hospitals of Noida, Ludhiana, Gwalior, Bareilly, Prayagraj, Dehradun and Rudrapur, India. He...  more
  • boermedicals com
    Laparoscopic Suction Irrigation Set
    https://www.boermedicals.com/products/laparoscopic-suction-irrigation-set/ />
    #minimally #invasive #surgery #tools

    Boer disposable suction and irrigation set can also be known as flush and irrigation tube or suction...  more
  • bjbhky
    Vascular, Cardiovascular / Thoracic Surgery Instruments #vascular #surgery #equipment Coronary artery bypass surgery is an open heart operation. The operation will be carried out in two parts, one for the heart itself and the other for the bypass...  more
  • bjbhky
    Plastic Surgery Instruments Set #plastic #surgery #devices Plastic surgery and Burns refer to the plastic repair after burns. The malformation after burn trauma is characterized by tissue defect, displacement or hyperplasia. Patients with mild...  more
  • Selena
    Harmonics calphel for painless breast reduction | Breast Surgery Korea

    Inline #plastic #surgery #harmonics #calphel is used for #breast #surgery #Korea to #reduce post #operative #bleeding and #reduce #blood clotting. A quick recovery function is used....  more
  • DrSrinivas Kasha
    Confused about whether or not you should go for the surgery? Consult Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon #DrSrinivasKasha for a second opinion.

    To Book an appointment
    Call: 9948047649 or
    Visit: http://www.drkasha.com/ />
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  • Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reload

    #laparoscopic #surgery #instruments

    ①.Don't use in aorta.

    ②.Don't use in blood-starved or necrotic tissue .

    ③.Don't re-use.

    Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reload Features & Benefits
    ①.Reinforced and...  more
    Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reloads | Victor Medical
  • GIA (Single Use Linear Cutting Staple)

    #gia #stapler #surgery

    This stapler can simultaneously insert three rows of cross-studded staples on both sides of the tissue, and then use a push knife to cut between the already sewed tissues on both sides to...  more
    GIA Stapling Device For Surgery, Gia Surgical Stapler | Victor M
  • Taqtik Health
    Orthopedic surgery helps patients who are under the disease of osteoporosis or arthritis pain. We are specialized in this surgery and give you relief to your joint pain. Our hub of #orthopedic surgeons is in #Thailand, so patients prefer to take...  more
    Orthopedic Surgery in Thailand
  • Taqtik Health
    Reduce your extra fat with Bariatric Surgery from us. This is a life-changing treatment for obese patients who had no success with medically supervised weight-loss strategies such as diet modification, #exercise, and medication. Our highly-skilled...  more
    Bariatric Surgery in Thailand
  • Taqtik Health
    Do you want to look gorgeous? Get our beauty and cosmetic surgery that will make beautiful skin as you want. We are specialized in providing beauty and cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Call at +1 4089156436 to get a complete budgetary quote about #beauty...  more
    Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand
  • Taqtik Health
    Reducing weight is easy with gastric bypass surgery. It helps to reduce the size of the stomach to a pouch. We pride ourselves on providing gastric bypass surgery in Thailand at an affordable price. We value your time, money in order to give the best...  more
    Bariatric, Best Weight Loss, Gastric Bypass Surgery in Thailand/
  • Taqtik Health
    Get health check in Phuket with offering a significant discount of 70% on all treatments. We treat all diseases like orthopedic, bariatric, oncology services, etc. We have a super lovely bunch of surgeons to give excellent results and instantly take care...  more
    Health Checkup & Care Services in Thailand/Malaysia - Taqtik Hea
  • Taqtik Health
    Taqtik Health provides healthcare services in the following segments like orthopedic, bariatric, gastric bypass, anti-aging, & many more. Our extra facilities are included as no waiting time, free consultation, affordable prices in all disease...  more
    Medical Treatment Plan | Case Management - Taqtik Health
  • Taqtik Health
    Want to reduce your wrinkles? We provide anti-aging treatments in Thailand for reducing wrinkles, dark spots and get glowing skin. Our support is available 24*7. You may consult at any time or anywhere via call at +1 4089156436 or visit our website...  more
    Otoplasty, Skin Rejuvenation & Anti Aging Treatments Thailand &
  • Taqtik Health
    Need orthopedic surgery? We are dedicated healthcare service providers to deliver the best treatment of orthopedic surgery in Thailand to our patients through a growing network of world-renowned hospitals, clinics, and industry experts. We are available...  more
    Orthopedic/Knee/Hip joint Replacement Surgery Specialist
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